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    1. nice logo.

      thanks for thes great post.

    2. WoW, Awesome designs of logo. Very idealistic and well managed designed logos. Thanks for sharing this great collection of logos.

    3. nice smart logos, i like cinemacafe logo. thanks for inspire..

    4. Wow, these are amazing! Sit and Lochness are astounding.

    5. Some genius concepts here, great examples for inspiration, cheers

    6. Simple, clean and innovative designs. I like these and always enjoy logo/branding blog posts. Thanks!

    7. What an extensive collection of logos. It’s hard to pick my favorite design/s for they all radiate their own unique appeal and concept.

    8. Great collection.Thanks for sharing. Much appreciated.

    9. The “Shy Child” and “Missing Child” logo were the best among the collection. Here I would like to share:

      You will love the “Sh*T Talking” and “Boot” logo here…for sure;)

    10. thanks for these logo designs, it’s a nice post, would love to see more.

    11. your site rocks! good stuff

    12. max

      Quickmeals logo has wrong height.

    13. Hi Design Beep! thanks for posting my Arabian horse logo. Unfortunately, the x/y axis dimensions are off, making it look oblong. It is actually a perfect circle. Perhaps you could correct this? the file itself is fine.

      thank you!
      Maggie Macnab

    14. thanks for these logo designs, it’s a nice post, would love to see more.

    15. Angshuman

      Awesome…great collection…really loved going through the designs and the smart thoughts behind those…keep sharing more…

    16. thanks for these logo

    17. The “August” one is simply impressive, clever design at it’s best!

    18. Hey, thanks for putting these together. I have added a few to my own logo design inspiration gallery.

    19. I think Raja has some of the best designs out of the bunch. I think the Fido design won an award.

    20. WOW, Really very creative and Great logo designs. so much idealistic and well managed designed logos. Thanks for share awesome bunch of logos with us

    21. Work of Designer:Firebrand may use how logo for LightBox

    22. Awesome logos! Very modern, very eye catching. I wish I had the ability to produce such artistic quality. You set a high standard in the world of logos!

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    24. Professional looking logo and designs are here

    25. Wow, so many cool design, i like Raja Sandhu’s much more, it is really very perfect!

    26. jane

      This is a great collection of designs. Inspirational!

    27. I am a newbie web designer and all those designs looks simple and awesome.