Eight Youtubers You Should Follow If You Want to Be a Better Content Creator in 2024


Whether you’ve just started out in the world of content creation or have been in the game for a while and are looking to boost your rates of engagement, then it’s worth looking to some of the most popular YouTubers around for inspiration. Whether it’s creating more polished videos, as per MrBeast, or channeling Mr Indian Hacker to let your passion shine through, we’ve got the tips to take note of below.

1. PewDiePie

The king of quirky, high-quality content, PewDiePie can teach aspiring influencers a lot. He’s currently one of YouTube’s biggest creators, with a subscriber count of over 111 million. Take a leaf from PewDiePie’s book and make sure that your personality comes through clearly in all your videos, and ensure they’re relatable to your audience.  His fun, engaging personality may be the thing that initially draws viewers in, but it’s his well-edited, funny videos that keep them coming back.

2. MrBeast

Another behemoth of the YouTube world, MrBeast initially specialized in videos that focused on wild challenges and crazy stunts but has now branched out into a vast array of subjects, including gaming. Content creators take note: like PewDiePie, MrBeast’s videos are always polished, cohesive, and engaging throughout. This is partly down to the equipment YouTubers use: you may want to think about whether it’s time to upgrade your own microphone, camera, or editing software. Plus, he gives back and publicizes his philanthropic initiatives on his YouTube channel, such as the recent #TeamTrees campaign that, in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, was successful in its aim of planting twenty million trees.

3. Rhett and Link

This YouTube comedy duo is best known for creating and hosting Good Mythical Morning – their channel boasts over eighteen million subscribers and has racked up more than eight billion views to date. Suppose you’re looking for ways to improve your content creation credentials. In that case, Rhett and Link’s show is great for inspiration: regular guests keep the content fresh, and episodes uploaded on regular days and times have helped build a rock-solid audience base.

4. Technoblade

Creating a sense of community around your channel is key to becoming a successful YouTube content creator, and Technoblade did just this. Best known for his videos playing Minecraft, he gained immortality playing in the regular Minecraft Monday invite-only events run by the controversial YouTuber Keemstar. He was virtually unbeatable and wielded formidable knowledge of the game and all its facets. The lesson? Know your subject inside out.

5. Dude Perfect

This collective of five best buds fuses their favorite things – sport and comedy –  on their hugely popular YouTube channel that’s racked up nearly sixty million subscribers. The team’s specialty is unbelievable trick shots and comedy videos, and viewers are treated to regular cameos from celebs like Dallas Stars captain Jamie Benn, actor Liam Hemsworth, and tennis legend Serena Williams. Content creators take note: Dude Perfect ensures they appeal to a wide audience by making sure that the fun is kept family-friendly.

6. SssniperWolf

SssniperWolf has become a hugely popular YouTube presence: she’s best known for her gameplay footage, vlog, and DIY and reaction videos. Her enthusiasm for her content, sense of humor, and ability to connect with her followers have helped SssniperWolf’s channel reach the dizzy peaks of over thirty million subscribers – and growing. Take a leaf out of this YouTuber’s book and be active on several social media platforms to enable your influence and reach to extend even further.

7. Mr Indian Hacker

And now, a lesson in how important it is to create content that you’re passionate about: your love of the subject will shine through to inspire and engage with viewers. Mr. Indian Hacker (aka Dilraj Singh Rawat) has gained a huge YouTube following with his experimental videos, such as ‘How to Make a Rocket at Home’ and ‘How to Run a Temperature Test on an iPhone 14 Pro.’ The science-based nature of his videos has led to Mr. Indian Hacker’s followers being dubbed the Titanium Army.

8. Felipe Neto

A Brazilian-based YouTuber with a subscriber base of over forty-four million, Neto’s channel features celeb news, comedy videos, and day-in-the-life style vlogs. In terms of the latter, content creators looking to improve their game should listen up: posting regular behind-the-scenes, making-of, or other types of candid content is a great way to give viewers a peek into your life. Consider making a video of what goes on during the creation of a piece of content or the design process for a new product to pique viewer interest and get them onside.