How to Get Your Youtube Page Growing As Quickly As Possible and What Are The Secret Tools That You Should Start Using Right Now?


No one is going to argue that today Youtube is a worthy platform for building a decent career and make money remotely. It is especially helpful for creative content creators who prefer video format to showcase their talents and or interesting life to other people. There are also lots of opportunities for monetization in addition to the standard Youtube partnership that’s being offered to people who were able to achieve certain levels of success. However, before thinking about those monetization ways, you should seriously approach the problem of your channel’s development, which can get tricky if you don’t have any friends and fellows who already have found their audience on Youtube and can share it with you.

Earlier in time you could fix that by spending some time online and subscribing to people who might have felt interested in your content as well. This was called mutual subscriptions and liking and worked pretty decently until 2014-2015, when the tempo of online life has become so quick that everybody around just stopped consuming the content that they are not sincerely and deeply interested in. Now the times when you could gain hundreds and thousands of subs just because you did the same have passed, and people have to come for help from specialists in online promotion or take on services that can help them to solve their problems. In this article we won’t be talking about the process of work with a social media manager; we will be reviewing a chance to buy Youtube subscribers and how it can affect your channel’s growth and future on this platform.

So, to start with, you should be thinking about getting paid services only after downloading your first videos (5-10, preferably) and making sure that your account has everything that your audience needs to know about you. Take care of gathering all the links to other social media pages of yours and to your taplink possibly in the info boxes under each video, organize the folders on your channel (sort the videos by themes if this is possible) and only after everything is ready can you proceed to searching for opportunities in paid promotion. Such services have gathered lots of controversial opinions around them: some people claim that this was an experience that has changed the life of their channel completely and very positively, some say that this was not worth the money, and some people became the victims of the scammers who have delivered bad quality services to them and left them with nothing in result.

However, we would say that paid services can bring lots of benefits, if you do things right. You should aim to buy real subscribers – key word is real, because bots and fakes are exactly the thing that harm people’s channels and destroy their online statistics and reputation. First of all, Youtube’s algorithms can see that your channel was visited and followed by a massive amount of bots, and it definitely says something to them. From that moment your page is going to be perceived as fake as well, and no real users will get your videos as recommended ones from that moment on, no matter what you do and no matter how hard you try. Getting out of a shadow ban is almost impossible, so while choosing a service to purchase, make sure that you’re looking at a package of real subscribers, and not at the scammers’ subs pack.

You should keep in mind that all the work starts after you purchase the pack of subs – gaining followers is not as hard as keeping them in place and assuring that your content is worth watching permanently. You should always think of various interactions and possibilities to entertain your people, ask them for advice as you go and take their opinion in account no matter what. Your audience can guide you and can give you some helpful pieces of advice in terms of putting forward some new content. So make sure you’re giving them all of your attention and time, while paid promotional services do the rest for you. And yes – complex approach always wins – so add your subs pack up with the pack of comments and thumbs up as well.