Daily Instagram Tasks to Increase Followers


Instagram has become a booming social media platform that offers a great resource for businesses. With the enormous number of individuals using this platform globally, business owners have a primed audience for their content. However, it can be difficult to get noticed on social media. Followers are the key to being seen.

The Benefit of Instagram Followers

There are a lot of benefits that are linked directly to the number of followers an account has. Followers provide exposure and opportunities to get more followers. However, accounts need high quality followers to boost their ranking in the algorithm to increase their chances of being placed in the Explore page on the site.

If using Instagram for a business, having as many people as possible to view their page will increase traffic to their products and promote sales. Unfortunately, accounts that do not rank high in the algorithm do not get put high in any search or placed on the Explore page for other users to see. An active account with a lot of followers is more likely to get placed than one with only a few followers.

Optimize Profile

The first step for gaining followers is to optimize the account’s profile. Business owners should create a handle on the site that closely resembles the name of their company. Having a business profile is also important since it provides companies with important analytics that are not available for private accounts.

Place links in the Instagram bio. These links can promote specific products or sales offered on the company website. Changing these links regularly can help keep customers interested in products and informed of any changes.

The profile should also provide a clear picture of what the company is, its products, and how to find them. The bio should give potential visitors a reason to follow the account. The business logo and some information about the company in small snippets can entice visitors to see what is offered.

Post Content 

After the account is created and optimized, the next step is to give people a reason to visit the account regularly. Posting content is the best way to get people on the account and engage. However, this content needs to be updated daily. The account may post the best video ever that goes viral in an instant but will lose interest quickly if no new content is delivered.

At least one post and one story should be placed every day. Posting pictures and videos are great ways to attract viewers. It is important that the content is creative, and original, and can catch a person’s attention when scrolling.

Engage Audience

When a person likes or comments on a post, an opportunity for engagement is available. Replying to the comments or asking questions about their response can start a conversation that may attract more individuals to engage.

Simply having posts on an Instagram account is not enough. The content must inspire others to react to the picture or video. Engaging those individuals shows that the business owner is invested in the company and willing to spend their time with their audience. A very interactive account can attract a lot of followers who are looking to engage.

Follow Others

Providing quality content and engaging viewers will bring followers to the page. However, this process is only half the battle. The business account needs to follow other content creators to boost rankings and get involved in the Instagram community.

Following at least ten new accounts a day can help increase the account’s relevancy. However, it is not a good idea to just follow every random account. Businesses should follow accounts that are within their niche. For every ten the company follows, they should receive 2-3 followers back.

The reason for choosing accounts within the same niche is it inspires genuine followers. These are individuals who are truly interested in the same area of the business. For example, if the business sells cooking products, following accounts that offer recipes and cooking tips can entice them to follow and purchase the products. It may even entice their followers to do the same.

Like and Comment

Engagement is necessary for boosting an account’s ranking on Instagram. However, this engagement should not be localized to one’s own account and posts. Scrolling through other users’ posts, especially those who are following the account, should provide enough content to like and comment on.

It is not enough to simply have quality followers; the business account must also be a quality follower to other accounts. Users should like at least ten posts a day from accounts within the company’s niche. Adding a few comments throughout can also increase engagement. Engagement leads to more genuine followers and boosts the rating to get on the Explore section.

Once on the Explore section, more followers will come. However, getting placed on the Explore does not end the need to follow the daily tasks. Maintaining these efforts will help ensure a constant flow of potential customers and keep a business successful.