Creating Content For Your Small Business? Here’s What You Should Know


Digital content is the driving force behind most of our lives these days, and your business is no exception. Online and social media marketing are core parts of reaching your target audience and growing your company’s name.

That being said, creating good content and managing your online presence well is essential, especially for small startups. Well-crafted content is a big part of what will grab customers’ attention, grow your pages and ultimately bring home the bacon. But how do you make this happen, especially when content creation isn’t really your forte?

Here are some of the most important things to know about crafting excellent content for your business. 

Use Professional Tools

If you’re not hiring professionals to get the job done for you, it becomes extra important that you use the right tools and techniques to produce material that still feels professionally done, rather than slapped together by an amateur. 

Seek out websites and apps (paid or free, it’s up to you) that will aid you in the process of creating graphics, a beautiful website, and even check your written work for errors. Finding and sticking to one multi-purpose website or programme for most of your needs is always helpful – especially for visual content like social media posts. For example, you can click to visit Vista Create to convert images, find templates for your social media, make logos, choose colour palettes and more. 

Know Your Goals

Don’t create content just for the sake of creating content. Your material needs to have clear-cut goals in order for it to be relevant and useful to your customers as well as your own business.

Are you looking for new followers or subscribers? Are you trying to drive consumers to a website? Are you pushing for more feet in your physical store? Think about what your marketing and overall goals might be, and then try to put them into action through your content. A “like” and scroll isn’t typically what you’re after, so make sure you’re enticing people to do what you need them to do. 

Create a Consumer Persona

Developing a customer persona can benefit your business in more ways than just one. This persona is essentially a made-up customer – an example of someone in your audience, who they might be, what they like, what they don’t like what they need, how they think and behave, etc.

A customer persona can help your content creation by helping you determine what type of content they might be drawn to, what they want to see and what kind of material might lead to the behavioural changes you’re shooting for. You could create one or two different examples of the types of people you’re trying to reach. 

Have a Purpose

You know what your own goals are – but good content needs to be more than just advertisements that lead to clicks and follows. You want to be providing something useful to your audience otherwise they’re not going to be interested in coming back for more. 

Think about what your target audience needs – what they want to see, what they want to know, and what will make them feel good. Then consider how you as a business can provide that for them through your content. If you want to inspire your audience, motivational quotes could be an example of something to share online. If your business is more formal or educational, then informative content might be a good addition. 

Make It Flow

Continuity is key when it comes to aesthetics. Work with your brand colours and other company-specific design elements when creating any piece of content. Think about Instagram accounts with posts that flow seamlessly and match perfectly when looking at the overall feed.

This is what you want to achieve, but with your website, social media posts, email newsletters and other marketing efforts in terms of their visual aspects. You should also ensure that your tone of voice is cohesive across all your brand communication. 

Promote Your Work

If you’re not promoting your content, nobody is going to see it and it will, unfortunately, become a waste of effort in the void of the world wide web. Promoting content across various social media platforms and even doing paid posts is important for being seen.

In fact, paid promotions on popular social media platforms can be great value for money, especially if you’re looking to expand your reach and grow your audience. Invest a little in order to reach the exact demographic you’re targeting, and you’ll see a major increase in engagement.