WhatsApp Will Allow The Exchange of Cryptocurrency – without any fees or restrictions


This feature will work in the US for now

WhatsApp has announced that it will soon launch a fast cryptocurrency-sending feature for US users. This will be possible thanks to the integration of the Novi electronic wallet, said the head of the Novi company Stefan Kazriel. This is written by vc.ru with reference to MacRumors. The last crypto news is here: bitsoft 360

The platform will allow Messenger users to send and receive money directly. According to Kazriel, it will be “as easy as sending a message.”

Currently, only a limited number of users in the US have this option.

“A new way to try the Novi digital wallet. Starting today, a select number of users in the US will be able to send and receive money using the platform WhatsApp. It will be as easy as sending a message,” Kazriel wrote on Twitter.

To send money, the user will only need to press the button with the “plus” sign, and then select the “Payment” item in the menu. WhatsApp notes that they will not set commission fees and restrictions on the use of the function.

Including the Novi e-wallet in the messenger will also not affect the end-to-end encryption of personal messages.

At the end of October 2021, it became known that Meta, together with the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, launched the testing of its own electronic wallet Novi. American senators called to stop the development of the project.

Telegram also planned to create a blockchain platform TON, and the messenger to implement built-in cryptocurrency wallets. The main feature of the system was to be its speed and scalability. According to the authors’ idea, the Gram cryptocurrency included in the platform would not be inferior to Visa and Mastercard payment systems in contrast to Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, in 2020, the founder of the messenger, Pavlo Durov, announced the closure of the project due to problems with the US authorities.

As a reminder, the WhatsApp platform is starting to distribute collections of catalogs for small businesses around the world.