Best Websites on the Internet for Entertainment


Due to the virus outbreak, social distancing and being confined to our homes, the options of entertainment have become very limited. One cannot meet friends, attend parties, visit the park with the children, watch a movie at the cinema, or even go for a morning walk at a crowded place, without huffing and puffing in the mask. During this trying time, one’s mental health should not be compromised and hence, entertainment is a vital part of life. Moreover, science suggests that entertainment breaks in-between work and self-care ‘me-time’ during the day result in the individual being more productive, efficient and effective.

Here are some websites that serve the purpose of entertaining and lightening up one’s mood. Be warned, they are addictive!

If You Are Into Streaming Shows and Movies

There is nothing like a late night movie with buttered popcorn, in bed, after a stressful day. What if we told you that you could watch unlimited movies and the only thing you require is a stable internet connection that delivers consistent speeds. That is right. Just a high-speed internet service is all you need to keep yourself entertained throughout the day. So, if your internet connection is troubling you, cancel your subscription and sign up for Charter Spectrum as it offers incredible internet speeds with utmost reliability. In addition to this, Spectrum customer support is available 24/7 to facilitate you, should something go wrong with your network. In case you are experiencing a problem with your internet, simply dial Número de Teléfono de Spectrum and lodge your complaint. The company will resolve your issue as soon as possible. Here are the websites that you can enjoy with uninterruptedly with Spectrum Internet:

1. Netflix
2. Amazon Prime
3. Hulu
4. Disney Plus
5. Paramount +
6. HBO Max
7. NFL Game Pass
8. Sling TV
9. Philo
10. CuriosityStream
11. Peacock
12. YouTube TV
13. VRV
14. Fubo TV
15. KweliTV
16. PBS Documentaries
17. Plex
18. Tubi
19. Allblk
20. Brown Roll
21. Crunchyroll
22. Dazn
23. Discovery +
24. ESPN +
25. Funimation
26. IFC Films Unlimited
27. IMDb TV
28. Locast
29. Mubi
30. Ovid.Tv

If You Are Into Browsing Memes

Memes have become a part of our daily life and sometimes all one wants to do is unwind, relax and scroll through the smartphone laughing and tagging friends under memes and relatable content that is trending on social media platforms.

2. Reddit
3. Know Your Meme
4. IMgur
5. GIFbin
6. Tumblr
7. 9GAG: Go Fun the World
8. Tenor
9. Gfycat
10. Free GIF Maker
11. CheezBurger
12. HumorNama
13. Me.Me
14. College Humor

If You Are Into Playing Games

We all have a child inside of us. Sometimes we just want to unwind, relax and release that inner game-loving child of ours. However, not all games are for children. Some games are for adults and other than having fun, they act as a source of developing skills such as those of problem-solving, sparking creativity, decision-making abilities, and games even ignite adrenaline in our body, which keeps us at the edge of our seat. Some of these games can be used to challenge friends virtually and have a fun game night whilst keeping all the SOPs intact.

1. MiniClip
2. Shockwave
3. Pogo
4. MSN Games
5. Big Fish Games
6. FOG – Free Online Games
7. Kongregate
8. Armor Games
9. Addicting Games
10. 247 Games

If You Are Into Reading the Latest Buzz

Celebrity gossip, political news, breakups and makeups – if our life is not happening, that does not mean that others are not spiraling in theirs. Here are some websites for the latest buzz on your idols and influencers.

1. E Online
2. Yahoo! OMG!
3. TMZ
4. People
5. Gawker
6. US Magazine
7. WonderWall
8. ZimBio
9. PrezHilton
10. Media Take Out
11. Wet Paint
12. Pop Sugar
13. Radar Online
14. Hollywood Life
15. Fish Wrapper

If You Are Into Quizzes and Horoscopes

‘What sort of a day will you have’ and ‘Which SpongeBob character are you?’ – these click bait images always work. We are curious to find out how our day will go or what celeb twin we have or resemble the most. These websites though not always authentic are fun for a time pass.

1. BuzzFeed Quiz
2. Mental Floss
3. Zimbio
4. Magi Quiz
5. Play Buzz
6. 16 Personalities
7. Brain Fall
8. Quibblo
9. Human Metrics
10. All the Tests
11. Jet Punk
12. Quiz Rocket
13. The Oat Meal
14. Psych Tests
15. Purpose Games
17. Astro Yogi
18. Astrology Zone
19. Future Point
20. Elsa Elsa
22. Ganesha Speaks
23. Find Your Fate
24. Mystic Medusa
25. Kelly Fox
26. My Kundali
27. Horoscope Friends
28. Daily Horoscope
29. Jessica Adams
30. Free Will Astrology

If You Are Into Interacting and Socializing

We all want to be virtually connected with our friends, be it through status updates, photo sharing, snaps, messaging and sending emoticons or even video calls. If you are one of those people then you definitely need to be on these social media apps of today. Not only will you be updated with your friends and peer’s lives, but you will also be sharing snippets of your own deeds. These apps are a great way of making friends as well.

1. Facebook
2. Twitter
3. Snapchat
4. Instagram
5. Skype
6. We Chat
7. Telegram
8. Tinder

With that said, now it is time to make the most out of your free hour and have a blast entertaining yourself!