Learn the Basics of Automated Game Testing


Are you curious about automated testing? Do you want to learn more about how it works and what benefits it can offer to your game development? Or are you wondering how to avoid errors due to mistakes during the testing process?

If so, there’s a way to ensure that your game runs smoothly—and that is through automated game testing.

Here are the basics of test automation to avoid any embarrassing glitches.

– Comparison of Manual Testing and Automated Testing
– Different Ways Used to Test Mobile Games
– Handwritten Test Scripts
– Record-Playback Approach
– Automated Tests Exerciser

Top 3 Test Automation Tools of Game Development Companies
– GameDriver
– Unreal Engine 4
– Appium

Comparison of Manual Testing and Automated Testing

When it comes to testing software, there are manual testing and automated testing.

Both manual and automated testing have a place in the software development process. But it’s essential to understand their differences before choosing a testing method.

Here’s a quick comparison between the two.

ProcessHumans test the software by executing test cases and assessing the results.Game testing automation tools run the tests and compare the results automatically.
Pros - It is relatively easy to set up and does not need specialized tools or knowledge.
- You can use manual testing to test user interfaces.
- Testers can more easily customize the tests to fit the software's specific requirements.
- Automated tests run faster than manual tests and can cover more test cases in the same amount of time.
- Automated tests are less susceptible to human error.
Cons - Manual testing can be slow.
- Manual testers cause possible errors.
- It can be hard to cover all test cases exhaustively.
- Automated tests can be complicated, and expensive to set up.
- They are not well suited for testing user interfaces.

Different Ways Used to Test Mobile Games

QA engineers and game developers use various methods to automate your video games.

Below are some test automation practices:

Handwritten Test Scripts

By hand-coding each step in the process, you can ensure the correct input for the expected output. With that, you can improve the accuracy of your tests and reduce the number of false positives.

Handwritten scripts can also be easily shared and maintained by multiple team members. So, it’s easier to keep your tests up-to-date and reduce the time required to make changes.

When writing test scripts for automation testing, keep in mind that:

– Your scripts should be clear and concise.
– You organize the scripts so they are accessible for the computer to understand.
– Scripts should be robust to handle any unexpected input or output.
– Your scripts should be reusable for future projects.

Record-Playback Approach

This approach records a user interaction with the software under test. Also, you can use it for GUI-based applications, web-based applications, or command-line interfaces.

Here are some advantages and drawbacks of using this approach.

- It can be relatively quick and easy to set up.
- You can use it to test various applications.
- It can be challenging to maintain test scripts if the application changes frequently.
- It can be brittle, meaning they are likely to break even if there's a slight change to the application.
Automated Tests Exerciser

Automatic test exercisers generate test cases based on a test target’s interface specifications.

A good automated test exercise tool can create both positive and negative test cases. It also provides a mechanism for which test cases run against the target system and which to ignore.

The goal of using an automatic test exercise tool is to:

– Increase the coverage of the test target
– Reduce person-hours required to create and execute test cases manually

Top 3 Test Automation Tools of Game Development Companies

There are several test automation tools in the market, and it can be hard to know which one is right for your project.

Here are the top tools for testing games to help you make the best decision.


GameDriver is an open-source tool for end-to-end game testing. Top game companies like Riot Game and Ubisoft use it to test their games before release.

Here’s why GameDriver is one of the best choices for game testing:

– GameDriver is reliable and easy to use.
– It has a large community of users to help you solve problems.
– Developers constantly improve the tool.
– You can use GameDriver for both manual and automated testing.

Unreal Engine 4

Unreal Engine 4 is a gaming engine with high-end graphics and realistic features. If you’re a game tester, you can use it to see how your game will look when released.

Here are other factors why different gaming industry companies choose Unreal Engine 4:

– With Unreal Engine 4, you get a very close representation of the game’s appearance when it comes out.
– It allows for a high degree of flexibility in game design.
– It is flexible, meaning developers can create truly unique games.


Appium is a tool used for automating tests on mobile apps. It is one of the top picks for testing games for the following reasons:

– It is easy to use and does not need any modifications to the game code.
– Appium supports both Android and iOS games.
– You can use it for functional testing and regression testing.
– Appium supports multilingual apps.
– It integrates CI/CD pipelines, making it easy to automate the testing process.

Start automating your game testing today and see how productive the process becomes. And remember, you can easily make your next gaming project a reality with the right tools.