Develop Your Business: Software And Tools For Startups


If you run a startup and are looking for ways to improve, chances are your challenge has already been addressed by one of the many great tools for startups out there.

Startup resources are limited, and so is the new venture’s time. The product needs to be released to market as soon as possible, before any of the competitors have come up with a similar idea. Using third-party tools allows to optimise, automate, and enhance many of the processes that help founders achieve better productivity, higher quality, and frees up their time to work on critical and strategic tasks.

Tips to choosing software for startups

There are many options out there, but not all of them are equally beneficial to you. Startups must choose solutions that actually make a difference, otherwise there is little sense in implementing them into the process.

Here are some tips to help you make the right choice for your startup:

– Only go for intuitive and easy-to-use tools. We are not here to complicate our lives further with bulky legacy software!

– How much educational content is available? Can you read an article or watch a quick video to figure out how something works? Look for options that don’t make you completely dependent on tech support or sales representatives.

– Does the new tool integrate with your existing environment? Make sure everything is at least compatible, if not fully integrated, so you don’t end up with a system crash.

Tools for startups by category

To save you some browsing time, we created a list of software for startups that covers different needs that anyone starting a software company might possess.

A/B testing solutions

Hotjar is an advanced feedback collection tool that offers heatmaps and recordings to understand exactly what your potential clients see and pay attention to.

Optimizely makes experimentation easy with great A/B testing features supported by AI and all-encompassing analytics. Easy to set up, easy to run an A/B test.

Data analysis

Tableau is a business intelligence solution that makes data processing simpler and quicker. It packages your data in a format that is easy to grasp, and you can tailor it to different needs, such as generating a high-level overview for investors through bespoke dashboards, or a detailed report for data analysts.

Prototyping and design

Moqups is a platform for every software startup looking to visualise their ideas and concepts. Prototypes and mockups can be easily created and shared. And the best part – the tool allows you to run your idea by real people!

Sketch is a design platform that has pretty much become a standard in web development. Majority of industry professionals know how to use Sketch, so you will have no problem finding help and collaborating via this tool.


Semrush offers a comprehensive platform with all things marketing: SEO, social media, competitor research, reporting, and more. The software automates and simplifies the work of marketing managers, allowing the team to do more without adding people.

Mention crawls the web and identifies all your company mentions. Startups can be mentioned by happy or angry clients, review websites, or news articles – all that needs to be tracked and used in promotion and customer research.


Moz is a comprehensive SEO solution that does many cool things. For example, it can help you optimise performance in local searches and analyse backlinks. It also lets you check how your article title will look in browser search, allowing you to make it more appealing to users.

RankRanger tracks your keyword ranking and helps adjust it to the current trends. It also lets you track your competitors’ performance – a must-have feature for all startups.

SurferSEO is the ultimate copywriting helper. You upload the article title and the system auto-generates a list of keywords and several other criteria to be met for best SEO results, including minimum word count, and number of images and subtitles to be added. You can proceed with writing your content right in the interface, and the system will rank it from 0 to 100 based on its SEO quality.

Online survey

SurveyPal offers feedback automation with data presented in charts and graphs that you can easily understand and work with. Feedback is extremely important for any software development company, but it usually takes a lot of time to collect and analyse. SurveyPal makes it easier.

Conversion optimization

Reactflow helps identify potential issues with your website that discourage users from conversion. Access to extensive data allows business leaders to stop guessing and fix conversion problems faster and more efficiently.

Payments and accounting

Quickbooks is perfect for startups and small businesses. The software is very straightforward and combines accounting and payments functions, taking care of payrolls and invoices.

FreshBooks is another accounting tool that is easy to work with. It positions itself as a solution for all company sizes but it is still fitting for startups and helps reduce the workload and stress around bookkeeping.


Prezi makes your presentations stand out, which is vital for startups needing to attract clients and investors. It integrates with all main video call platforms such as Zoom and Webex, works with in-person presentations, and produces infographics and interactive charts that you can send out post-presentation.

Software development for startups with Emphasoft

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