How To Refresh a Spring Wardrobe for Kids


After winter, there’s always lots to change, especially in outfits. First, swap out your kid’s clothing for one that’s more suitable for a warm season. While it may be relieving for kids to stop wearing thick winter clothing, it could be equally difficult. Finding the best clothing for spring and combining them takes a bit of extra knowledge.

There’s plenty of time to decide and select suitable outfits for spring. First, however, you need to follow the right methods as a parent to refresh your child’s closet for school. Then, find out the clothes or outfits to keep and pack away for kids. Keep reading to know how to prepare kids’ clothing for spring.

Changing With the Season

Without proper preparation for a new season, kids are at risk of illnesses. For example, flu and common cold are common during spring. For that reason, it’s always important to make lifestyle changes as the season progresses.

Some common changes to consider during spring include:

– Spring Cleaning and Decluttering
Before filling your kid’s closet with seasonal outfits, start by going through the old clothes and sorting them appropriately. Then, separate the old, ill-fitted, or damaged clothes from the new ones.

Once done switching the wardrobe to spring, it’s important to donate or discard clothes that aren’t perfect fits. Kid clothes that are still useful can remain in totes or boxes set aside in an unused closet or clean storage room. After the decluttering process, you have more space in your kid’s wardrobe with more breathing space.

– Back to School Season Preparation
During spring cleaning for your kid, you will find clothes that aren’t for the spring weather. However, such clothes as heavy wool sweaters and the like can be stored for back-to-school preparation.

Refreshing a Spring Closet

Ready for the spring season? Here are some tips to follow to refresh your kid’s closet or wardrobe.

– Remove Old Clothing
If clothes weren’t in use for months, it’s essential to remove them for the new spring season. Check for clothes that don’t maintain a good fit and remove them from the closet. Try not to attach sentimental meaning to any kids’ clothing to create the much-needed space.

There are many ways to get rid of a kid’s old clothing. Consider selling them at a consignment shop, holding a yard sale or garage, or donating to an animal shelter. Parents may also consider selling them at online stores.

– Set Aside Bulky Winter Clothing
In every process of refreshing winter clothing, it’s always necessary to pack and hang bulky clothing like winter coats and thick wool hats.

When removing bulky winter clothing, it’s vital to know that they can take lots of space. Hence, consider storing them in large plastic bins.

Using plastic bags, airtight storage bins or vacuum bags also prevents pests from feasting on the kids’ clothing. If there’s a high shelf at home, place the bulky winter clothing on top to conserve space.

– Wash and Organize Spring Clothing
Before packing new clothing into the closet, wash and organize them appropriately. To avoid unnecessary wrinkles when organizing spring clothing, hang as many clothes as possible.

Also, ensure to put kids’ regularly used clothes and shoes in locations within reach and the rarely used ones out of reach. Another method is to categorize and group; for instance, jeans, shirts, drawers, or blouses should stay separate.

– Replace Accessories
Similar to clothes, you can replace accessories like glasses and kid jewelry. Accessories get damaged or old and also need replacement. Order kids ‘ glasses online to prevent stress if you need a quick and quality replacement of specs.

Ensure you also have your accessories organized differently, similar to other clothing items like jeans and shirts.

– Keep Clothing Items in the Right Closet
It’s advisable to keep clothing items in the closet that work for chillier weather in spring. Ready for the season of blooming flowers and reproducing trees? Then, begin to keep kids’ clothing in the right closet to help preserve them and encourage organization.

Give Your Kids a Fresh Look For Spring

Dressing kids during spring is all about preparing for the new season first, then getting the best pieces for their closet.

It’s highly advisable to wear different layers during the weather because temperature can easily fluctuate. In particular, look out for clothes with light textures, bright colors, and floral or pastels patterns to show changes in seasons.