How Do Fashion Brands Use Pinterest?


Pinterest is basically a visual search engine and most women use it for lifestyle, arts and crafts, fashion, wedding inspiration, and cooking. It currently has 478 million monthly active users worldwide and if you think about how to grow Pinterest followers on your account, it’s not that hard considering the number of users on the platform and how easy it is to make your pins go viral using the right strategies. You simply need to have creative ideas in your mind and convert them into appealing visuals to catch the eye of the users and get more repins.

Nowadays, almost every fashion brand can be found on Pinterest, as they know how strong the influence can be on the users. For instance, American Apparel, Coach, Guess, Forever 21, Kate Spade, Victoria’s Secret, and Urban Outfitters.

People use Pinterest as a second search engine (after Google, of course) and no matter what kind of inspiration they are looking for, they look no further than Pinterest. According to research, most of the buying decisions are based on the visuals seen on Pinterest, and this leads to increased traffic on a fashion brand’s website. Therefore, this equals more sales and profit.

The real question is how do fashion brands use Pinterest? What do they do in order to attract new customers and retain the old ones? Read below to know.

Fashions Brands Optimize Their Pins

Fashion brands hire expert social media marketing managers who help with their reach for brand awareness. They look for keywords that people will use to search for a similar product that their brand has to offer.

Not only keywords but also relevant and accurate hashtags along with strong descriptions of both pins and boards. Let’s take an example of Gucci, which has 10 million-plus monthly views on Pinterest. It used keywords wisely in naming its scarf pin as “silk scarf with floral print” to make it more discoverable by the targeted audience.

Whereas, TopShop uses relevant keywords for all of its collections like activewear, summer, or winter collection. For instance, one of its newly launched jackets has the keywords “puffer jacket” in both the description and title of the pin. It also uses popular and relevant keywords in the description like “outwear collection”, “trending”, “season”, and “stylish”.

Fashion Brands Leverage the “Board” Feature

Some new brands on Pinterest, at times, make the mistake of not organizing their pins properly in boards and this makes all their effort and hard work useless as users who visit their page find it hard to find clothing pieces of a certain collection and instead move to another page.

Therefore, huge fashion brands like Urban Outfitters take leverage of the “board” feature on Pinterest. They compile relevant clothing in each separately created board.

For instance, they have created dresses, men’s essentials, good sport, tees, jeweled and shoes boards which contain all the relevant pins, therefore, making it hassle-free for visitors to sift through a certain collection.

They Use Premium Quality Images

As Pinterest merely depends on how aesthetically pleasing images a pin has, all fashion brands take this into consideration. Having only high-quality images is not enough, but it also depends on how creative you are to display those images in a pin using different editing software tools.

People only share (repin) images that are most appealing to them, and this means generating more revenue for a brand. For example, Nordstrom uses a wide range of vibrant color schemes in their images, not to forget how clear and focused their photography is. They are creative, artsy, and organized.

Collaboration with Influencers

Influencers or celebrities can have a major impact on the buying decisions of customers, especially, fans. It is a great marketing strategy to pique the interest of the audience and lure them into finally adding the products into their cart.

Nordstrom collaborated with actress Sarah Jessica Parker for one of their boards named “A Day in Her Shoes”. She wandered around her favorite places in the USA and elegantly posed wearing their shoe collection for marketing.

Whereas, Gucci recently posted pins on their Pinterest account of different celebrities wearing Gucci bags such as Sienna Miller, Harry Styles, Serena Williams, and Dakota Johnson in the James Corden show.

Brands Connect with Their Customers

Fashion brands want their followers to feel connected to them, as this helps them build brand loyalty. One of the famous clothing brands, Anthropologie, has more than 1.6 million followers on Pinterest. In the past, they have also relied on user-generated content to build their followers’ base.

They asked their customers to pin their most favorite products using the hashtag “Anthrofave”. Indeed this was a great strategy to make them feel a major part of the brand. In addition to this, they name their boards in a unique, personalized way like, “Roll With Us!” and “For Your Dorm Room” to show them how they are not only profit-oriented.