Challenges In React Native


React Native is popular framework with its pluses and minuses.

The react native  is a common term among those involved in the development of mobile applications, and throughout the high-tech world.

The cons of React Native are:

– React Native is a dynamic framework;
– Lack of certain modules and APIs;
– Reliability of third-party components;
– Functions and properties of UI / UX;
– IOS Application Testing and Deployment Issues.

React Native professionals

Technical skills are of course critical. But let’s not forget the importance of soft skills, which are required for a software developer to become a truly valuable person.

– Communication skills

It seems obvious, but in a world where people are becoming more and more distant from each other, the ability to communicate correctly and get in touch in a timely manner is needed more than ever. If you plan to work remotely, discuss with the developer the communication channels and how often the communication will take place to discuss workflows.

It is important that the prospective employee has access to the tools that are used for communication in your company. For effective work, any team member should be able to ask for help if needed in order to resolve issues as quickly as possible. Make sure that there are open communication channels between your developer and the rest of the team and they understand how to solve the problems they may face. Encourage collaboration to find solutions.

For productive interaction with the team in the office, communication skills are also indispensable. Creation of applications is a team work, where you need to be able to set tasks, discuss problems, together look for options for solving them, receive and give feedback to colleagues, defend your point of view. If employees do not want to hear each other, this slows down the entire work process and leads to conflicts, which is reflected in the quality of work.

– Competent time management

A skill that is a priority for most companies is especially important when it comes to projects with tight deadlines. This also applies to developers who are hired for very specific projects, where time is often of the essence. It is important to know that the software developer will be able to correctly prioritize work and will not let the entire team down.

You have the right to check with a specialist exactly how he spends time, because this is your money. If an employee knows how to effectively plan a workflow, then be sure that he will meet your expectations, even if unforeseen problems arise.

– Problem solving skills

Problems inevitably arise in any development process. A developer who has both creative and analytical thinking will be able to easily find solutions and ensure work on a project in non-standard conditions.

While not a requirement, it also comes in handy if the developer has experience in another area. In this way, he will be able to draw on the shared experience and apply it in the appropriate situations that arise within the framework of the company’s project.

– Teamwork skills

When you hire a new employee, it is important that he is close to your corporate culture and, in general, he is a team player. Regardless of how long a specific project will take (that is, how long the collaboration will be), the developer you are hiring must understand the goals and specific needs of your business, as well as be able to work in a team. In this case, you will be able to achieve the common goal.

– Adaptability

The ability to adapt can be one of the most important skills for a developer. The IT sphere is constantly evolving, therefore, in the modern world, flexibility and adaptability come to the fore. One of the ways to adapt to the situation and continue to grow is the need (and most importantly, the desire of a specialist) to learn new programming languages ​​and gain skills that may be useful in the future. Staying up to date with the latest news and trends, the developer will be an up-to-date and in-demand specialist.

– Effort assessment

Software is expensive. In order for product development to actively move forward and money was not wasted, the developer must be able to realistically assess the scale of the task and its individual parts. For example, how long will it take to add a particular function.

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