Images & Photos as an Essential Marketing Tool


Digital marketing transformed the Internet environment into the best space for business, e-commerce, corporate activities, and other opportunities. People spend much time on social media networks and surf the net constantly. That is why marketing made it up to the Internet and became digital. One of the most essential marketing tools is graphical content.

High-grade imagery makes articles, texts, advertising posts, and other media publications more attractive for readers. It means that content engages more people, so sales and other statistics are higher. It is worth noting that digital marketing requires only relevant images and high-resolution aesthetic photos for better visual effect. Qualitative imagery can bring more first-time users, increase conversion, and many more.

Why Use Imagery for Digital Marketing Purposes?

According to the latest digital marketing analytical studies, the visual elements attract about 30% more consumers to e-commerce websites, marketplaces, corporate platforms. About 70% of Internet users think that images of products are a must when it comes to online shopping. That is why buyers prefer those e-commerce projects where the detailed catalog item description is complemented with pictures of goods from all perspectives.

The E-commerce sector is not the only direction that requires high-grade imagery to improve conversion rates and lead potential customers to purchase decision-making. Digital marketing of other business spheres can benefit from relevant images and photos:

– Bloggers can count on more total views of their articles if it includes graphical content according to the topic of the text.

– Corporate websites and landings will get more public recognition if there is relevant imagery on the web resource. For example, if a company offers car rental services, it is important to post photos of available automobiles.

– Instagram, Facebook, and other social media network accounts build their digital marketing strategies exceptionally on the visual elements. Infographics of high quality is a guarantee of public engagement. It is possible to vlog, sell goods, and promote services efficiently this way.

Additionally, graphical content improves SEO. It is possible to optimize each image and photo you post and improve your search engine optimization. The relevant attribute and imagery description can make search engines find and index your website faster and better. This is one more reason to include visual elements in your digital marketing strategy.

What Photos and Images Grab Internet Users’ Attention the Most?

The visual content should be high-quality, bright, and always relevant. These are the main rules of eye-catching imagery in digital marketing. That is why modern entrepreneurs and opinion leaders should pay attention to the quality of their photos and images they use for advertising and promotional purposes. Good visual elements are able to:

– Attract the attention of more audience to any text content (news in the newspaper, news feed on Facebook, personal blog, e-commerce website, etc.).

– Arouse the public curiosity – add a provocative preview photo and initiate resonance and high CTR rates.

– Improve brand awareness and become a more popular, reputable, and respected player on the market in your niche.

– Set the mood and convey humorous notes if we speak about memes and funny stock pictures. You can create a special intimate atmosphere in your social media account or blog and followers’ increased activity.

– Summarize the story you narrate. Usually, visual content is considered as a graphical demonstration of the key information described in the article or at least a relevant eye-catching add-on.

– Bring more credibility with original and unique imagery. Use not only stock pictures but create your own content (cut-ons, lifestyle images, infographics, IYB/inside-your-business photos, and so on).

It does not matter what kind of photos and images your individual digital marketing strategy requires (product photography, portraiture, collages). It is necessary to deliver qualitative visual elements to make your digital platform better not worse.

There are a lot of photo editors nowadays to choose from. They provide almost unlimited opportunities to those who aspire to create high-grade graphical and relevant content. Among top-ranking software that should be taken into attention are Movavi Picverse, Luminar, Lightroom, PhotoScape X. It is worth noting that some above-listed apps include AI-based algorithms that simplify editing tasks,for example, Movavi Picverse or Luminar. Pay attention to the functionality of these special-purpose applications and pick sides with the best one you need to boost your digital marketing.