Six Features that Make a Website Popular Among Its Users


Do you remember the last time when you came across a perfect website and caught by its attractive features? You probably do, and when you recall the features, what do you come up with? Was it the eye-catching layout, the crisp content, the slideshows, or the videos? The list goes on.

On the contrary, you probably also remember the time when you immediately went for the cross button on a website. What was so unpleasant about it; lagging webpage, text-heavy view, or something else? The fact is there are good and bad features that either retain a visitor or turn them away.

What are the factors affecting a reader’s decision? Some people regard coding, software, and other technicalities as important factors. Undoubtedly, the backend is important because it enables what an end-user sees at the frontend. But a good amount of focus should be on the appearance, such as the layout, design, and content. Simply put, the user’s experience or perspective matters the most in this regard.

Experts suggest that a well-designed website sets the first impression of your business among consumers, specifically those visiting your website for the first time. Take a look at this Lakeland personal injury lawyer website, for example. It would further help your competitors to attract leads when they get a negative impression from your website. Now, you might be wondering where you can find the best web designers for this purpose. Perhaps, the answer is simple. You can find them in any region of the world. However, Singapore, Australia, and the Philippines are home to some of the best web designers. For instance, if you live in Australia, you can search ‘web design Brisbane‘ or any other city on different search engines and find a capable professional.

But, what qualities should you look for in their work? In other words, what features impress a reader?

That’s what we will find out in this article. Let’s begin.

1. Means of Navigation

We know that web page loading speed has pivotal importance in terms of keeping a visitor intact. Other aspects, such as navigation, are of critical importance in gaining visitor traction and retention. What does it mean? It means that a user should be able to sway and move through different pages of your webpage within a few seconds.

One of the essential pillars of good navigation is the sitemap and the hierarchy of the items. With such strong navigation, a user is likely to stay more on your page and continue to visit it in the future.

2. Design Dynamics

The design has the utmost value in any web page’s success. The moment a user comes to the website, they notice the design. Here, it is essential to understand the broader concept of design. Notably, an aesthetic web design comprises the layout, the colors, the fonts, and how they synergize with each other. What truly matters is the collective output of all the elements.

3. Content Quality

We have always heard the phrase that the content is king. It is true from every perspective. Unless you give the readers something essential and interesting to read, they won’t stay on your page. So, the content you put up has a vital role in keeping visitors intact. Make sure to add content relevant to your products, business, or services you provide as a brand. Also, it is pertinent to include valuable and updated information to keep your users informed about the new happenings, discount offers, etc.

4. Visual Appeal

Your website runs on visual appeal. The more appeal a webpage has, the more significant traffic it will fetch. By the terms visual, developers generally refer to the visual content that you upload on your website. If your website includes slideshows, videos, and other such material, it will help keep visitors engaged for a longer duration.

You can make your website visually appealing by paying attention to the proper placements of all the elements on a page. It includes fonts, colors, shapes, pictures, the order of the page, and the entire website’s collective look.

5. Guest Blogs

We earlier discussed giving the visitors something to read and find interest in. A guest blog is a feature that serves the same purpose. However, it doesn’t mean that we should stuff the pages, filling them with detailed articles. Instead, it should be decent write-ups from authentic writers.

It is best to induct some good bloggers who might understand your business objectives and your website’s key goals. It means that you’ll have to invest sufficient time and money to recruit such bloggers. A visitor coming across industry-related articles will consider it to be a valuable feature.

6. Extensions

Websites need to have extensions or buttons to other sites. But from ‘site’ here, we specifically mean the option to share the website’s updates on social media platforms. These buttons give a trendy look to your website and appear as a new tool. Also, the feature enables high outreach of your content because the readers can share it instantly.

Final Thoughts

Digital marketing is a highly competitive task due to the access to its resourcefulness. A person with adequate knowledge, tact, and capability can easily attract a significant count of visitors to your website. But, a challenge comes in retaining the visitor base. In such circumstances, we need a viable strategy.

The cornerstone of any such strategy is to add significantly good, trendy, and exciting features to the website. Moreover, it is vital to continue to review and revamp them to avoid monotony. A comprehensive strategy can help your business to stand out from the crown and gain success.