Why Choose WordPress for Your Business Site


Creating a website is something every business owner knows they need to do. However, when you talk to a developer about a company site, you discover there are numerous options available. The most popular platform is WordPress. You can create unique pages with minimal programming knowledge. Today we are going to learn why so many prefer this platform over the numerous other options available.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is more than a platform with a website builder. It is a full Content Management System or CMS. A CMS is specialized software for building sites that allow you to manage your content without software or programming knowledge. Hiring a professional developer is not a requirement to run these sites but is beneficial if you want to customize them.

Benefits of Using WordPress

People could talk for hours about the advantages of using WordPress for your CMS, regardless of its purpose. However, the top five reasons include:

– Open-Source Software – Able to work with any host or developer
– Scalability – Expands to any size without additional costs
– Customizable – Themes are created daily to allow the ability to create any look
– SEO Optimized – Automatically starts with SEO ratings available to assist with page ranking
– Price – Basic WordPress is free; you only pay for plugins or themes you purchase

What Kind of Sites can Use WordPress?

The answer is simple; any site can use WordPress as a CMS. Personal sites are as basic as only blogs, while companies create intricate eCommerce pages. Thousands of plugins are available to cater to any need of any size. This does not mean that any website can run with only free options, as many sophisticated plugins have subscription prices. Whether you are creating a membership-based site or wanting something to generate leads; WordPress can meet your desires. The advantage this CMS has over other platforms is the fact that there are no limits on the number of pages, products, videos, or products you put on your site. You will want to ensure the host you select can maintain efficient load times for your users.

Costs to Plan For

As mentioned, installation of the CMS is free. However, there are other costs you will incur and they include:

– Hosting
– Domain registration (WordPress.org is ONLY a CMS and does not have a URL)
Premium plugins
– Premium themes
– Developer (if desired) for custom designing or maintenance

Disadvantages of WordPress

Every CMS has advantages and disadvantages. WordPress is not unique, but many feel the pros outweigh the cons. With that said, you should be aware of some negatives this CMS carries with it.

– Maintenance is harder than other sites (due to the ability to customize)
– Designing still takes knowledge and skill
– Support comes in the form of open-source forums to talk to other users

In conclusion, why should you choose WordPress for your company’s website? It is as diverse as the users’ needs. Every business is different, and sites should reflect that. Regardless of what your final product will be, you can create a page that matches. To avoid struggling with WordPress difficulties, contact the developers at Nicada Digital for professional assistance.