How To Choose An Effective Site Auditor Tool For Technical On-Page SEO Analyzing


When it comes to website audit tools, there are countless options to choose from. There are standalone systems and those that exist as part of a package. Certain audit tools will go through every page of your website while others will just provide an overview.

Let’s dive deep and find out exactly what you should be looking for when picking the tool for your Site Auditor for Onpage Technical SEO Audits.

Customizable Settings

Choose a website audit tool that’s robust and powerful enough to scan all pages and subdomains. Besides, it should possess a high level of detailing and even be able to test pages. With such features, the tool will enable you to see the pages that require immediate attention and the ones that can wait a little longer.

Get a tool that allows you to set the scanning depth as well as the desired speed. That way, you can decide the type and number of pages to audit. Plus you can define what should be considered an error at the major negotiable optimization points.

Embed Options or Widgets

Pick a tool that provides free on-page audits and easy-to-read formats. This will attract more people to your site and build trust in the services you’re offering. And this is a perfect opportunity for you to start nurturing conversions.

When deciding on the type of widget, consider the following aspects:
• How customizable the widget is as well as the report it generates
• Available packages and the subscription plan
• What the tool is expected to audit
• Number of reports to be generated
• How easily it integrates with your CRM

The lead generation feature must be customizable and compatible with your CRM. This will make it easier for you to incorporate it into your site as well as business operations. Some of the SEO software that features a lead generation form include Mysite Auditor, WooRank, and SE Ranking.

White Label Services

As an agency, it’s extremely important to build credibility as well as trust with your clients. According to stats, over 70 percent of business sales that come to agencies are generated through referrals. And this is purely built on trust and loyalty.

Pick a software that’s easily customizable and offers white label services. The reports should reflect your identity and be accessible through links. For white label SEO, consider utilizing your own domain or subdomain. That way your services will look more authentic and genuine.

Comparative Data Plus Dynamics Analysis

Website audit tools are an incredible way of monitoring your company’s progress, especially if they provide comparison data as well as dynamic analytics. As an agency, it’s very important that you’re able to analyze and explain the data you’re working with to your clients. Remember, customers will actually become more loyal to your brand if they can closely monitor your ROI (on both SEO progress as well as investments).


Get a powerful website audit tool that offers all the features outlined above. This way, you’ll save significant amounts of time and money. Plus, using a white label audit tool will ensure that everything you present to your clients is deeply rooted in your business values.