eBooks and Content Marketing for Small and Large Businesses


It seems that 2016 is poised to be the year of the eBook in terms of online marketing and SEO strategies for small and large businesses alike. Several conferences this year have a high focus on the role of the eBook in successful SEO and online marketing strategies. One example is the Digital Book World Conference , which is featuring keynote contributions from Rand Fishkin (founder and former CEO of Moz), among others. It’s not like eBooks are in any way a new thing, but the current hype should be getting any business professional a little curious. So why is the eBook such a commodity for online marketing?

Content marketing

Having an exceptional site design and web hosting service that is both reputable and customizable is a great starting point when it comes to the success of your website and company. Ultimately, content is still king, and your SEO strategy and online marketing initiatives are all based on optimized content. An eBook is essentially the best companion for content marketing because it is all content, and exceptional and applicable content at that. Unlike the static information on your company website, or the short bursts of content through your company blog, (regardless of whether it’s centered on fashion or business) and social media feeds, a company eBook can outline several facets of your business and offer a wealth of quotable material. These is pre-written, high-quality content which can even feed the company blog and pepper the social media posts. The eBook essentially is a nice reserve of impeccable content just waiting to be consumed.


One of the major objectives of online marketing is the branding of your company. Because an eBook allows your business to express its objectives in such great detail, it allows you to better build the brand image that you are going for. Having an eBook also establishes your company as an authority in its field. By contributing to the overall conversation of the industry that your company competes in, you help to build up your name, reputation, and the trust of possible clientele. Moreover, as you are able to cash in on this digital media, this product that you are selling has a very real value that both you as the producer and your consumers can recognize.

Expand your business reach

Finally, an eBook can help to expand the exposure of your company and drive traffic to your site. If you create an EPUB version of your eBook which will sell on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc., your company will get more exposure than what your website alone can create. This will come in the form of reviews and shares and can divert traffic back to your company website and social media. Also, by offering the book as a download directly from your site, you can make it accessible as an opt-in, which in turn allows you to grow your email list for a wider email marketing campaign.

Those are only three benefits, but there are several more. Really, when they are so easy to create and can have such a positive impact on a company’s image and increase its website traffic and performance, it’s no wonder that eBooks are being given more attention and becoming pivotal in business marketing strategies.

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