Show Off Your Style on the Web With Your Own Fashion Blog


Style blogs are surprisingly popular, with a lot of people looking to them as sources of fashion ideas from real people with similar tastes to them. While fashion magazines may give us an expert’s opinion on how to wear a given style of trend, a blogger can show us how to make that look work outside of a photo shoot, and also, crucially, tell us how to actually get hold of the pieces she is wearing.


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As a result of this, people of all ages, shapes and sizes, and from all different fashion subcultures, have made names for themselves and attracted a good following simply by piecing together outfits and showing them to the world on their blogs, as well as writing about various online dress boutiques and fashion outlets where their readers can find similar styles.

If you are interested in starting a style blog of your own, whether it will be your first blog or an addition to an existing blogging portfolio, here are some tips for design and content:

Plan Your Design for a Photo Heavy Site

When choosing a theme or coming up with a design, make sure you plan for what will become a very photo heavy site. Each outfit you post is likely to require you to post several pictures from different angles and in different poses, and show close ups of details of accessories. This means that long posts mostly made up of one photo after another in a layout normally used for a long written article may be annoying to the viewer, so consider things like galleries or lightboxes so people can quickly look at the picture they want but also easily read the stuff you’ve written to accompany it without having to scroll past six photos after each paragraph!

Organize Content Carefully

With this kind of blog, you will mostly be making entries featuring outfits you yourself own. However, you may also want to make other posts, for example commenting on new trends, or showing things you would like to buy for next season. You might also find yourself doing reviews on behalf of commercial companies in return for payment or free products. To avoid your blog becoming a mess of random things, make sure every post has a category and is carefully tagged. That way if people only want to see your outfits, they know where to look.

Choose a Good Commenting Interface

Typically, once this type of blog gains some momentum, they receive a lot of positive comments from people who simply want to say ‘I love that look’ or ‘thanks for showing me how to do my hair that way’. Comments on style blogs rarely get controversial and are normally just displays of appreciation, so it is important to make it as easy as possible for people to comment as these positive messages tend to enhance the blog. For this kind of blog it is generally safe to allow anonymous commenting and to use only light-handed moderation to avoid spam and perhaps the odd troll.
Creating your own style blog can be rewarding, and a great way to engage with people who like similar things to you! Use these tips to design one that works really well!