Impulse – Create High-Performance Interactions for the Mobile Web


Impulse is a library for building dynamic physics based interactions, with a focus on mobile web.


– Impulse is small, weighing in at about 9k minified and gziped.
– Impulse has no large dependencies. It doesn’t require jquery, but it knows how to work with jQuery.


How is this different from jquery animate, velocity.js, etc?

Most animation libraries animate from one state to another over a fixed period of time. If you want non-linear movement you pass in an easing function, which modifies the original path in the same way every time.

Impulse takes a different approach. Instead of a duration, Impulse instead takes an initial velocity, and simulates the animation based on that. This small change produces a different experience. Instead of static animations that feel awkward and stiff, Impulse animations feel smooth and fluid.

Animations flow smoothly from user interactions. When a user swipes an element, it moves at the velocity of their swipe.

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