A Collection of Inspiring Album Artwork


Few things are more daunting for a designer than staring at a blank canvas. Usually, when you’re working for a client, you have a guideline or an idea of where to start – and the vast majority of regular client work needs to look smart and professional and fits the image of the business. This all goes out of the window when you’re designing an album cover, though. The cover for an album needs to summarise the feel of the music, or of the band or artist, and this can be one of the hardest tasks a designer is ever asked to do. The style and aesthetic of a band can be one that’s incredibly hard to initially conceive, but extremely rewarding if done right.

If you’re about to start an album artwork design, or if you just want some inspiration – we’ve brought together a collection of beautifully designed, creative and stunning album covers to help you out. We hope you find the collection useful and, if you have any examples to add, we’d love to hear about them in the comments.

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Laura Marling

Laura Marling album cover Source 


The Smashing Pumpkins

The Smashing Pumpkins album coverSource



Radiohead album coverSource


Paul Kelly

Paul Kelly album coverSource



Metallica album coverSource


Ra Ra Riot

Ra Ra Riot album coverSource


Hot Chip

Hot Chip album coverSource


Gnarls Barkley

Gnarls Barkley album coverSource


The Academy Is…

The Academy Is album coverSource


Albert Hammond, Jr

Albert Hammond album coverSource



Glasvegas album coverSource


Explosions In the Sky

Explosions In the Sky album coverSource


Lemon Jelly

Lemon Jelly album coverSource


Fleet Foxes

Fleet Foxes album coverSource



Muse album coverSource



Gallows album  coverSource



Muse album coverSource


Mike Monday

Mike Monday album coverSource



Keane album coverSource


The White Stripes

The White Stripes album coverSource



weezer album coverSource


Architecture in Helsinki

Architecture in Helsinki album coverSource


The Strokes

The Strokes album coverSource


Punch Brothers

Punch Brothers album coverSource



Discovery album coverSource

Have you found any examples of interesting and creative album covers? Please do let us know in the comments.