Exploiting Aim Assist: The New Cheating Method for MnK Players in Warzone


When it comes to the new generation of Warzone players, there’s a stark divide between controller players and mouse/keyboard players. It mainly stems from the use of aim assist for players using controllers, something that the mouse and keyboard users don’t have access to. Now though, they’ve found a way to hack their way around it and get the same aim assist, exploiting the hell out of the mechanic. Is it putting players on the same level though, or just making the MnK users overpowered?

What is Warzone?

The longest-running Call of Duty game at this point, Warzone began as a free-to-play Battle Royale to compete with Fortnite. It worked too, taking a massive leap forward for Call of Duty when the formula was starting to get very, very stale. The team behind Warzone made huge hundred-player Battle Royale fights fun once more, dumping players on a massive map for it. As the nuclear storm closes in, forcing players into closer proximity, it becomes a live-or-die firefight to be the last one standing among the rubble. 

Over the five years since it launched, Warzone has made both some of the coolest additions to Call of Duty as well as some… strange ones. Crossovers with everything from Godzilla roaming the map to the ability to play as Rambo or the Armored Titan. Things have gotten really, really wild when it comes to the various crazy events that can happen in Warzone, and nothing is off-limits at this point. 

Controller Aim-Assist

When players load in on Warzone while playing with a controller, they get a pretty distinct boost over others. Since PC play allows both controller and mouse and keyboard, it automatically detects when a controller is in use. If it is, Call of Duty Warzone enables the aim assist feature, helping to level the playing field for controller and MnK players. According to developers, this is to help out because of the high precision that MnK players have, allowing full control with the mouse while aiming. 

Except MnK users in Warzone are finding themselves at a disadvantage thanks to the aim assist. Many end up killed outright by other players using controllers, able to simply press aim and fire away without thinking. It’s become a conundrum for the developers too, because they’re trying to fine-tune the accuracy of aim assist, attempting to keep gameplay fair. In a game with so many players though, it’s hard to find something that’s going to work for everyone.

Hacking Warzone Aim Assist

When MnK players load into a game, they’ve found out a way to get aim assist enabled even without a controller. Not that the game knows that of course, because the hack they’re using fools it into thinking a controller is connected. That means that someone with the stone-cold precision of MnK play already now can simply lock on and follow a target. This is a major party foul for other players who might not be great at aiming already, even if using MnK themselves. 

The cheats that players are using just make the system believe it’s a controller instead of the MnK combo it’s used to. In turn, that allows aim assist to be enabled right from the main game menu as if a controller were connected. Relatively simple, and seems like something that can easily be remedied by a simple solution. If Activision just gave the MnK players an option for aim assist, that’s all it would take to fix the entire issue. Although Activision won’t do that because… it’s Activision. They really don’t care, they already have the money from players anyway.

Ricochet’s Issues

This isn’t the first time that Warzone has had issues with cheaters and hacks, because Activision has a long history. Ricochet, their anti-cheat system, is probably one of the most exploited anti-cheats out there. Hackers are constantly finding their way around the new measures that developers put in, with each patch being a new challenge. The latest development to stop Warzone cheaters, named Splat, is even already being thwarted by those same hackers.

Developers for Call of Duty and Warzone have started taking a much different approach to anti-cheat now. Instead of just restricting the game if it senses cheats, Ricochet gets a little more hostile, actively disabling players’ parachutes on drop-in. Cheaters will fall to their deaths, and if they survive, end up jumping to their deaths anyway thanks to a sensitivity bump. The approach seems to be working for the moment, but with the advent of new cheats to bypass Ricochet specifically, time is ticking. Developers at Activision need to be proactive about the future of their games, and take major steps for stopping cheaters.

Compared to previous hacks for Ricochet, getting around aim assist is almost like child’s play. It takes next to no effort for anyone to do it.

Warzone’s Future

Call of Duty as always is a juggernaut though, and there’s no stopping it at this point, especially Warzone. Even hackers getting into the top 250 players isn’t much to keep the developers on the anti-cheat. Hackers are selling accounts for big money, and exploiting Aim Assist is only the start of it. Plenty of cheats out there can add in aimbots, wallhacks, or radar systems for players that need more of a boost. There are even sites like VeteranCheats that sell cheat suites with a monthly subscription pass, constantly keeping hacks up to date.

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Warzone may be having trouble with aim assist now, but that should be the least worrying. Hackers have found ways around Ricochet by simply turning the cheats off when the system does a check. It’s all becoming such a back-and-forth of hacking that some players might quit Warzone entirely thanks to the unbalanced play. If the developers want to head that off, then they need to worry about much more than the cheaters exploiting their aim assist for MnK players.