Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration Cost 


Magento 2 was officially released in 2015 as an advanced version of the renowned Magento platform. The new release was packed with new features and provided superior performance, giving Magento 1 users sufficient ground to migrate. 

Moreover, 2020 ended the Magento 1 lifecycle, meaning that the first version will cease receiving upgrades, security patches, and official support. Therefore, the migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 becomes not only a preferable but also a necessary option for businesses to continue their ecommerce activities seamlessly.

This article unveils the essential steps of the Magento 2 migration process to give you a better understanding of what the migration cost includes.

Core Magento 2 migration steps

The brief guide through the fundamental Magento 2 migration stages will grant you a holistic view of the relevant expenses.

Planning your migration

Migration implies transferring all the elements, including databases, themes, and extensions, from Magento 1 to 2. All your third-party plugins and themes will require replacements for the updated framework. For some of them, you may need to pay additionally. 

Therefore, by carefully planning your Magento 2 migration, you’ll be able to optimize the process and avoid excessive costs.

Theme migration

When implementing Magento 2, you’ll need to select a new theme or craft a custom-made one since Magento 1 themes are not compatible with the new release. To retain the website’s style and functionality, you should identify the core elements and features, ensuring that your new theme allows obtaining all of them.

Utilizing one of the existing Magento 2 themes is less expensive than tailoring the one from scratch. However, a custom theme will allow you to refine the design and expand your store’s capacity. 

Custom function migration

All the unique functionality of your Magento 1 store, including exclusive features, extensions, and custom-coded scripts, should be appropriately transferred to Magento 2. The complexity and cost of custom function migration will depend on the specific job requirements. Note that testing and debugging are necessary here, as you’ll need to check whether unique functions operate accurately in the new framework.

Extension migration

Similar to Magento 1 themes, Magento 2 does not support extensions created for the first version. However, you can replace your extensions with the Magento 2 equivalents. The number of extensions and the required customization level will determine the price for purchasing and installation.

Data migration

One of the most crucial components in a Magento 2 migration procedure is data migration, which entails transferring vital business and consumer information. This sensitive data includes product catalogs, user accounts, order history, and more. Data migration should be conducted meticulously and reliably, eliminating the opportunity for any loss or alteration. Otherwise, the business consequences can be drastic.

A professional Magento migration partner can help you fulfill the task smoothly, preventing information loss or other potential pitfalls. 

Settings migration

It’s essential to transfer the configurations and settings of your site, including payment methods, currency setup, shipping, customer configuration, and more. By migrating those parameters appropriately, you’ll maintain your store’s overall functionality and user access levels.

Migration cost

Here’s the Magento 1 to 2 migration cost breakdown based on WebMeridian’s experience. We’ve been working with the Magento framework for over eight years. Therefore, our example can serve as a starting point for determining your optimal value for money.

Preliminary analysis and planning $800-$1600
Installation of Magento 2 and its configuration $400-$1600
Data migration $1600-$4800
Theme and its customization $200-$10000
Testing and bug fixing $800-$4000
Total $3800-$22000

In conclusion

The migration process from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is beneficial yet challenging for a not tech-savvy individual. To retain and reinforce your store’s functionality and performance, you can engage qualified professionals.

WebMeridian provides Magento 2 migration services, as well as the associated support. Our certified developers will make the whole process a breeze and help you enjoy the maximum business outcomes.