From Minimalism to Luxury: The Way Websites Represent Brands


Website design is a crucial thing that needs to be carefully planned and developed. That’s what internet users see first when encountering any kind of brand, and basically, it leaves the very first impression. Website designs, however, are not a fixed concept that can be used for any kind of brand, despite their business model and types of operations. On the contrary, it must be unique and creative.

Sometimes we see how people have a slightly wrong perception of web design, thinking of it as just a facade for their web portal, when in reality there is no right design if it’s not working well with technical processes, ensuring high functionality. Imagine attending a ceremony where you need to dress elegantly and present an attractive appearance. In the meantime, you have to know how to behave, what kind of gestures to show, etc. Only the right combination of design and functionality may create a successful example.

As every website has different logic according to its business model and marketing strategy, the same does design, so this is what we mean when considering it a very unique concept. Depending on many factors, businesses create various website designs from modern minimalism to luxurious online pages, and whether those are effective or not, can be decided only after a good examination of brands and their design ideas. Here are some. 

Vintage is not for Casino Websites Anymore

Well, this statement is quite bold, but let’s understand the message: Casinos today are not the same as decades ago, as those are pictured in Hollywood movies. Amid the technological advancements, many things have changed, and the gambling industry has felt this influence quite obviously. Is it vintage or – casinos decide themselves, but to send the right message to the online visitors, they first consider their operations area.

Traditional casinos can indeed be vintage and their website can contain those retro vibes, reminding movie-style casinos people have in their memories. However, online casinos, as a vastly popularizing industry cannot be presented the same way if they want to create a remarkable online presence. For instance, any Bitcoin casino that offers a variety of online games is associated with innovation and technology among gamers. A person who visits a crypto casino is probably someone interested in tech innovations and expects a casino website to be full of tech-savviness. 

Online casinos, along with design patterns, effectively integrate useful tools to ensure an excellent user experience, such as online support, different payment methods, etc. Moreover, some companies utilize AI technologies to analyze visitors’ behavior and enhance the website’s UI/UX. Visitors don’t just come to these sites for information but also spend long hours playing different games.

…However, Tech Websites Themselves Can Be Just Minimalistic

This may seem paradoxical, but one might imagine that if creating innovative designs is crucial for gaming platforms, then it becomes even more essential for tech companies. Spoiler alert – it’s not true. Some companies, despite being super innovative, create super minimalistic website designs, and they remain successful. A brilliant example is Apple and its official website 

As mentioned above, the biggest concept of design can be found in the foundations of business principles. It’s not a secret that Apple is famous for implementing minimalistic designs for its products, including phones, tablets, and even software. This approach is in the DNA of the company, and some people even call this an “extreme minimalism”, but whatever it’s called, Apple knows how to do business, hence not only their products but also the official website looks simple and gorgeous at the same time. 

Themed Design Can Work Magic

A good website design is not black and white, and it’s not about either minimalistic or luxurious. It can be related to the specific themes and designed accordingly. This is typical of gaming platforms, such as video game websites. These games have a theme that defines the gameplay strategy, so visitors must feel the vibe from the very beginning, even before clicking the Play button. This is the part of marketing strategy every company employs.

The themed design has all the potential to work out well for gaming platforms, but there is one important thing to remember: whatever the developers’ approach is, there are general rules to follow to make the website functional and powerful, no matter what the website design is. Creativity is one of these rules, and it provides limitless space to generate innovative ideas, unconventional solutions, and impressive designs, turning the website into an immersive experience the moment visitors start browsing.

The Last Note

Sometimes, creating a good website design with high-quality images, makes people forget about optimization. Internet user love being impressed but once they realize that it takes more than a couple of seconds to load the web page, they get bored and look for an alternative option.