5 Things You Must Do After Converting A Customer Through Your ECommerce Website


Digital marketing is often focused largely on conversions and making sales. Once that task is complete, far too many eCommerce businesses make the mistake of leaving things there. If you want to encourage repeat sales, give the best user experience and keep your customers happy, there are several more steps that you should take.

Congratulations on your conversion, now read on to discover the 5 things you must do next to keep them coming back time and time again…

  • Send an email confirmation

Sending out automated confirmation emails is good practice. The moment you buy a product, you want to know for certain that the transaction has gone through and that your money hasn’t vanished. When booking flights, for instance, who hasn’t sat there frantically hitting refresh on their inbox until the confirmation came in?

Customers expect to hear from you after a sale, so don’t make them wait. Send out an email confirmation right away.

  • Provide shipping information and updates

Likewise, you can head off any queries and possible complaints by keeping your customer informed and updated about shipping. Shipping is a hugely important part of the customer’s experience, and you don’t want to see all your hard work attracting a sale undone by a sub-standard or late delivery.

You should explain how and when their product should be coming, along with any other details such as the materials used and any protections you have undertaken. This kind of attention can be what brings customers back to your eCommerce website once again.

  • Send special offers, promotions and product information

It is important to make sure that your customers know you care, and one of their preferred ways to see that in action is through discounts. Offering discounts and promotions to those that have bought from you in that past can show your appreciation, sure. But you also know they have already chosen your products, and may well do so again. Over 70% of internet users cited discount as a key factor in their purchase choice.

  • Follow up on any abandoned carts

This customer has bought from you before, they have shown an interest in your products again, but if you do nothing then the chance for a repeat sale could also come to nothing. You can remind them that the item is still available, offer similar suggestions or even discounts to make the sale.

  • Ask for feedback and reviews

Feedback is critical in discovering how your product is doing, evaluating the customer experience and seeing what you may want or need to change. Following up with a customer is a fantastic way to glean additional data, and may also be an opportunity to ask for a review.

Reviews play a part in your digital marketing process, and any SEO agency will tell you they are crucial for your future success. Just make sure that you ask in the right way so as to not pressure your customer and accidentally encourage a negative review.

Final thoughts

As you can see, there are many steps that you can and should take after making that all-important conversion. Remember, your customer’s experience doesn’t end there and nor does your responsibility. Take these steps and your one-time client could become a repeat customer in the future.