All-in-One AI Powertool for All Your Design Needs


Do you want to be able to design amazing logos, videos, and designs within minutes? Have you been looking for a tool that will allow you to create voiceovers from texts in realistic sounding language? Well, thanks to advancements in AI, all these things are possible now, and you can find them easily. 

What exactly are the possibilities?

There have been programs out there for several years now that allow users to create decent graphic designs for banners, logos, business cards, etc. Programs such as Canva, Microsoft Designer, and Adobe Sparks all provide a fairly wide array of graphics, text, and other design tools to choose from when creating your own work. In fact, each of these programs uses AI in limited form to help create images based upon user instructions.

Now, though, a whole new era of design is upon us with is revolutionizing design with sophisticated AI design tools in a variety of ways:

AI Logo Сreation 

In order to make a really high quality logo, you want to be able to describe your vision, as if to a live consultant, and have that consultant really get a feel for what will suit your business. With, all you have to do is describe your desired result in words to the Logomaker, and the program will come up with ideas within minutes. 

Everything from the graphics to the placement of text to your font size will be understood and calculated appropriately. If you’re looking for a logo maker, there’s no question who the leader is.

AI Color Matcher

How many times have you had business cards or other designs created for you and thought to yourself, I wish I could’ve had just a slightly darker shade of orange in the background? Even if you do go to a professional, the results will often be crude and lacking in the subtlety that you had hoped for.

Well, answers this problem by going even beyond the individual opinion of any given professional. You’ll be given whole color palettes that match the theme of your design and industry. And you’ll be able to choose from an entire spectrum of choices. You might not have even imagined a computer program could produce such sophistication until you see it.

AI Videomaker 

Using an AI-generated program, you can create the perfect promotional video by following a few simple steps: All you have to do is type in your desired text, then choose your industry so that the program can set the tone of the video accordingly. After that, you choose a voice that you think would most appropriately narrate your company’s message, and boom! Within a couple of minutes, you’ll have a draft video waiting for you. Easy as pie, and more importantly, accurate. No more clumsily fiddling with clips here and there that you may or may not be able to fit together naturally. 

If there is a part of your video that you want to change, you can do this easily, too. The program provides you with a convenient split screen in which all your scenes are available on the left side of the screen. All you have to do is click on a scene to alter any given aspect of it. 

Videomaker also allows you to incorporate articles, posts, and other types of media into your videos, and narration is available in 20 different languages!

AI Speechmaker 

If you’re looking for a tool to narrate your company’s message, this is it.’s text-to-speech technology allows you to create realistic voiceovers that not only illustrate your message accurately, but are fine-tuned with the right kind of tone and pitch for your desired audience. Once your voiceover is created, it is immediately available to be shared.

If you think you have to spend tons of money going to professionals for voiceovers, check out’s speech maker first. You’ll be amazed at the range of options you’ll have and how realistic the results are.

AI Designmaker 

Every business wants to create really professional-looking ads and graphics. With, you’ll be able to create your OWN professional designs, just the way you imagined them, and without breaking the bank in the process. 

The process works similarly to’s other functions. Just type in your text and select a template, and voila! Within seconds you’ll get thousands of options to choose from for your ads, banners, whatever type of graphics you’re looking for.

Everything you need in one place

Look no further for a designmaker that will suit all your needs and create your dream designs for you. has it all. 

Whether you’re creating videos, voiceovers, ads of any sort, or even just looking to spiff up your existing website, is your one-stop-shop for easy, professional designs using the latest technology that specifically caters to your personal needs. Check it out today!