How You Can Create Engaging Videos Online To Keep Your Brand Lively On Social


Video content is becoming highly popular across social media channels. People are consuming videos at a pace that was never observed before, and this has led marketers to believe that by 2022, around 85% of all the promotional content created would comprise of videos.

There has been a general perception among people that video creation is a tedious job. 

With complicated video creation and editing platforms that take weeks, if not months, to master and without the professional expertise, the end result might not be something that you can be proud of.

However, an online video editor solves these issues almost miraculously. Technical advances have enabled seamless video creation by leveraging cutting-edge software and algorithms that make video creation a breeze. For example with Nebula you can render up to 1,000 times faster using its super powerful GPU and CPU servers.

If you are wondering about the steps involved in creating a highly engaging video for your social media channel to uplift your brand, these steps will definitely help you out. 

Let’s have a look at 5 steps that can help you in creating visually appealing and highly-engaging videos for social media.
Tips For Creating Engaging Social Media Videos
Creating engaging videos might seem challenging at first, but it isn’t as difficult as you may have imagined. If you want to create highly engaging social media videos online, following these steps will prove to be immensely beneficial. 

1. Establish a well-defined goal

The first thing to do before you start with your video creation aspirations is to set up a well-defined and achievable goal for your video. 
Establishing the right goal can guide your video creation efforts effectively and tailoring your videos as per requirements.
It is crucial that you have a crystal clear vision of what you would like your video to achieve and once you have settled on a goal, you will find that your video creation journey becomes streamlined and helps you in effortless video creation.
Akin to any marketing strategy, a well-defined goal is an essential part of your video creation aspirations. 
These help you in facilitating an optimal time utilization and ensure that your video creation efforts do not go astray anywhere in the entire process.

2. Choose appropriate video format and aspect ratio

Where do you want to post the video? If your target platform is Instagram, you need to make sure that your video has a 1080×1080 resolution for an optimal viewing experience. Facebook has a different resolution requirement of 1280×628.
This calls for targeted video creation that is tailored as per the deployment platform. 
Non-tailored videos won’t provide an optimal viewing experience and, regardless of however good your content may be, the chances of garnering likes and shares get very slim.

3. Record the perfect footage

This is the fun part where we get to create! You can record the video either by using a smartphone camera or a professional video camera. 
Just ensure that the scenes are well lit and use a tripod or stabilization equipment to minimize motion blur and movements.
Audio is as important as videos, hence if you are shooting outdoors, using the inbuilt smartphone mic or the one integrated into your video camera might just not cut it. 
Therefore, it is suggested that you use a high-quality microphone to record the audio to maximize the appeal of the video.

4. Edit like a king

Editing is perhaps the most important part of video creation, as this is the step that makes the video viewer-friendly. 
Editing may seem time-consuming, but with the advent of online video editing solutions such as VideoCreek, performing edits on a video has become trouble-free.
It is during the editing that you can insert special effects, combine different videos together, or make color adjustments that result in a final, appealing video that captures the viewer’s attention precisely. 

You can even add audio overlays to your videos that enhance the video’s overall appeal.
Editing is the process that has the potential to make or break a video. It ensures that all previously shot videos come together in a meaningful way and have a positive impact on the viewer. 
Moreover, even if your videos seem less appealing at first, deploying proper edits can bring a high level of sheen to the final video.

5. Share generously

With the final video now ready, you can begin sharing and promoting the video over social media channels. You can post the links of your videos in niche communities on social media that guarantees its exposure to the target audience.
Moreover, with video creation platforms also functioning as an invitation maker, you can craft well-designed e-vites to invite people to watch your video.
Running a video promoting campaign too can prove to be very beneficial. You can drive paid ad campaigns that help you in promoting the video to a large and relevant audience. 
If you are looking for free promotion options, you can start by pinning the video at the top of your Twitter feed and asking people to share its link.
Additionally, you can reach out to relevant subreddits and post your video. 
The benefit of sharing videos in online communities is that if the video is relevant for the viewers, it will automatically drive enormous engagement and user actions. This can go a long way in making your video go viral.

Final Thoughts

Social media has opened the doors for brands to promote their products or services seamlessly. 
Moreover, with video marketing picking up steam, brands are in the perfect position to leverage this opportunity and churn out well-polished videos that enrich their social media presence.