The Difference Between Content and Technical Digital Marketing


The world of digital marketing changes all the time, and understanding its evolution is the key to running an effective modern marketing strategy. The right strategy will differ for every company, but one thing is for sure – it’s important to know the difference between content and technical marketing and how to use both. 

These different marketing strategies each have their place. While content marketing focuses on engaging with the audience and making them want to patronize your company, technical marketing focuses on what makes your product or service special. While content marketing is more present, understanding how to combine the two is the core of an effective ad campaign. 

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the backbone of any successful marketing campaign. The most important thing a company can do isn’t make people interested in the product or service; it’s making them feel connected to the company itself. 

That’s what creates company loyalty and long-term brand ambassadors. Content marketing relies on using practices that attract and engage with the target audience through standard ads and web content. This is where your website and social media presence are the key to success. 

The best platform for your content marketing efforts will differ depending on your core audience. While a website with regular content updates like blogs is important, having an effective social media platform may be even more so. These platforms have an audience of billions, and many companies do most of their marketing on Instagram. 

This area of your marketing efforts is so important that many companies outsource their content marketing efforts to an expert. An experienced website design agency in NYC can make sure your website is optimized and easy to access for your potential customers to make their first purchase or search. 

What Is Technical Marketing?

While content marketing is key to building customer loyalty, technical marketing is the key to ensuring they’re going to buy what you want. Technical marketing is usually less prominent and frequent than its counterpart, but you need to know how to target it effectively to make sure you get results. 

Technical marketing should highlight the features and specifications of a product or service that you think your core audience will be most interested in. While content marketing is aimed at a large audience, technical marketing is highly targeted. 

When working with technical marketing, the assumption is that your base already knows what they’re looking for. They want a product or service like the one you’re offering, and your goal is to show them why yours is much better than the competition. 

This can include highlighting the price, added features, or the durability or strength of an item. You can use more technical lingo through this type of marketing aimed at those who already know the product, but the ads should remain accessible to those exploring for the first time. 

Combining the Two

No company’s marketing strategy can be effective if it doesn’t find a way to combine content marketing with technical marketing. Content marketing is how you get the word out and make people interested in your company overall, while technical marketing is spreading the word about what makes your company stand out from the competition. 

One is aimed at a larger audience, while the other targets an audience that is already passionate about what you’re offering and is likely to be won over by key details about your product or service. 

However, combining the two can be challenging. How do you offer specifications without alienating the people who don’t know the details yet? Targeting ads based on where people are likely to see them helps, but one of the best ways to combine the two marketing types is to focus your content marketing efforts on the front half. 

Show people why they should be interested in your company before you show them why they should be interested in the product. Know your target audience’s needs, and you’ll be surprised how wide a net your marketing reaches. 

The Best of Both Worlds

Have you nailed down your content marketing and technical marketing strategies? Are you appealing to a large audience that could embrace your company? Do your most loyal fans know what sets your product or service apart from the pack?

If not, now is the perfect time to start. Content marketing is key to expanding your reach, while technical marketing is important for building long-term customers. A strategy combining both is something all top companies have in common.