Tips For the Beginners to Combat in Marauder 


Marauder is a space shooting game in a unique scenario, similar to Escape from Tarkov or The Cycle. In the imaginary space setting of Marauders, World War I never ended. 

You control Marauder, a space mercenary who must gather resources and carry out various tasks. At the beginning of each round, you are in your spaceship. You now have the option to fly to the relevant map’s node or attack hostile ships. Once you have enough loot, you must return to your ship and use an extraction gate to leave.

Marauders offer a variety of features that some new players may need help grasping. 

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We’ve compiled some tips and suggestions below to help you get started in the challenging environment of Marauders. When getting ready for the raid, there are a few things to think about on the menu and the knowledge you should have before your first raid.

Collecting money is important 

Money is crucial in Marauders, particularly at first when it can be challenging for a new player to gather enough cash to buy upgrades. The rustbucket is always available in your hanger and is stocked with no-cost equipment nearby. It is excellent for the start of your first raids so that you can rapidly earn some easy money to get you rolling. 

For extra money, you can also recycle fire extinguishers. It may be challenging to get started, but many little things add up.

Check your contracts first 

You should check the Contracts tab in your menu before and after each raid. Along with the significant “Zero to Hero” task series, there are three open spots for daily contracts that you can select from at your discretion. 

One important tip is to gather some scrap pieces for the first contract; best not to waste hours seeking them in the first raids. Scraping part of your inventory in the crafting area is the easiest solution. It is worthwhile to purchase inexpensive armour and scrap it to obtain scrap pieces and synthetic straps. Later, you will need them to create several necessary items.

Know your map 

The first step is to board every new ship or region because doing so will give you a fresh perspective on the game that every player will experience. 

A new ship or item can always help you win, coupled with knowing where to look and where the enemies might be coming from. 

Therefore, feel free to take the initial step seriously to get the most out of every place you see.

Complete your missions 

A fantastic approach to advance in the game is to start with missions. Getting those missions finished since you need more time to complete them costs you important inventory space for items you cannot make. 

Get those missions finished since the first few level-up crafting goods will be medicinal, which are essential for survival or fighting.

Using HitBoxes in Marauders 

There are three hitboxes with varying degrees of damage, known as: 


  • Neck and Head 
  • Hands and the Back 
  • Feet and Legs 

You have multiple modifications for your weapons to boost damage depending on the zone you are hitting. 

​​ Armour in Marauders 

In Marauders, you have armour, as indicated by the armour value in the item’s upper-left corner. For instance, your helmet will protect your head and neck while the chest piece will cover anything below the neck [extremely crucial]. 

Marauders do not have leg armour, though this feature is added once the game is out of beta.

Restore health and stamina 

With the help of food and medical supplies, 100 health points of your character are restored. The pain increases as you take damage. On your health bar, it is the white space. You lose the ability to heal yourself as the pain worsens fully. Morphine or other opioids can be used to treat pain. 

As you remain in the raid longer, your stamina depletes. So you can only sprint shorter and shorter distances. By eating, you can regain your stamina. 

Following the above advice will make it much simpler for you to finish the initial raids. Always remember that you cannot survive every round and have nothing to lose if you begin the task without the rust bucket equipped.