Free and Customizable Instagram Story Templates


Are you going to start Instagram or have you already done it, but don’t know how to design your feed and stories? Templates will help with this – with them you can create unique content and design a page without spending too much time and effort. Instagram templates are a great time-saving tool for marketers, designers, and individuals looking to get the most out of the platform. It was Instagram that made Stories a digital marketing game changer. While the traditional scrolling feed still exists, the most colorful, engaging, and interactive things now happen on top of it. Thus, Instagram Stories captured the attention of users and became the most requested piece of content on social networks.

Why use Instagram Stories templates?

Instagram stories are actively used by most of the companies promoting on Instagram. At the same time, the Stories format implies the need to constantly fill the section with new content. We all remember that each newly added Story disappears exactly after 24 hours. Yes, you can put some in the actual block or transfer them to the album, but in order to appear in the Stories feed, you need to publish new ones.

Accordingly, the problem arises of where to get so much content and how to create it in such quantity. Even taking into account the fact that you don’t have to worry about quality in stories, you need to keep a certain bar, both in terms of visual design and semantic content. If you want to promote your page or maintain a business account, you need to create and maintain a single profile style. The decision is to create your own unique templates for Instagram Stories with the help of a photo editing app. Insta Stories templates – are prepared prototypes for different types of content. The template can contain places to add images and graphics with text, infographics, backgrounds, and other visual elements. This is the basis for launching a design idea. If you can’t think of the types of content you’ll be sharing, a template can help. But let’s see what benefits such templates give to your personal blog or business.

Look professional

Creating content in Insta Stories using ready-made templates or those you’ve created yourself with a photo editing app, allows you to bring everything to a single style, which means presenting your business / blog in a respectable, professional way. 

Save time 

According to the canons of SMM marketing, for successful promotion on Instagram, a user must publish Stories at least three times a day. Adhering to this rule and at the same time creating beautiful engaging publications (especially in the modern rhythm of life) is quite difficult. Ready-made samples will allow you to make high-quality IG Stories without spending a lot of time on it.

Save money

Today, for regular maintenance of Insta Stories at a high quality level, you often have to devote a huge amount of time. Most often, these functions are performed by hiring a storymaker, which means additional costs. Having ready-made story templates, you save not only time, but also money.

Make non-visual content pop

Such a template definitely makes the content look more aesthetic and outstanding even when it’s the text that might have been skipped.

Stand out from the competition

Due to the unique style, users immediately recognize the brand or blogger account. Beautiful and neat design demonstrates professionalism and allows you to become a noticeable leader in your niche.

Increase engagement

Whether it’s a personal blog or a commercial account, one would definitely be interested in increasing Instagram conversion. Stories feed can also be used to increase the number of views of a promotional/selling post. And also templates can be useful in engaging the audience in various interactive activities related to the survey.


Create Stories With Pixlr

  1. One Tap Stories

Creating aesthetic stylish stories has become much easier and faster. All you have to do is upload your photos and get smart template suggestions. You just have to choose the most suitable one and publish it.

  1. Trendy Templates 

You also always have the option to explore an ever-growing library of trendy, neat story templates in a wide variety of styles to tailor them to the different categories of your stories and campaigns.

  1. Designer Fonts & Elements

To emphasize or highlight some important information, you can draw attention with stylish fonts and graphic elements. Very quickly with a simple click you can add change and customize any details to your Stories.

  1. AI Color Matcher 

With this application, you can always experiment with AI design tools: create complimentary visuals for your personal brand theme or corporate color. By simply uploading any image, the AI tool will generate suitable color palettes that you can use in the future in any marketing visuals.

  1. One-Tap AI Crop

Creating e-commerce creatives just got easier! You can remove the background or cut out objects/people and use them now or save them for later use.


Take the time to create or find an Instagram template that will help you tell your story the best. Choose a template that is quick and easy to customize, works with the content you want to create, and has a visual style that matches your own. Then start creating stories that have the right look and feel for your Instagram account. And don’t forget to engage with your followers so you can continue to grow your online presence.