5 Tips To Increase Instagram Engagements For Your Business


What does it mean to actually have a good Instagram engagement? For starters, you might think of it as having enough likes for your business. It’s more than just about counting your views or your likes.

Instagram engagement covers all of the interactions your audience makes with your content. Those interactions include comments, click-throughs, shares, direct messages, and likes, to name a few.

The general rule is that the better and higher your Instagram engagements are, the better it is for your business. Those sorts of actions are proof that indeed, people are seeing your page. You have an audience, you’re beginning to become popular, and your Instagram business page is doing well. When that’s present, now the chunk of the effort you’ll have to do is to maintain and increase those Instagram engagements.

Read on for some of the most proven ways to build a long and lasting Instagram engagement for your business.

Use Hashtags

There’s nothing that drives popularity and traffic more on Instagram than hashtags do, whether made on your own or through platforms like Flick.tech. With a simple click of a hashtag, new followers may discover your page. And, the engagement widens so as to include too, those other posts also using the same hashtag.

Remember that Instagram was built on hashtags. It’s used by the platform to sort through and filter content. So, use it well and wisely, so you can successfully increase your Instagram engagement.

Unsure of what hashtags to use for each of your posts? There are free hashtag generator tools you may use available online.

Get To Know Your Audience

Say you’ve made it to quite a substantial number of followers now, more than what you even imagined to have. That’s a good start. Now, you want to increase your Instagram engagement. To do this, you need to dig deeper into all of those followers. Do you really know your audience? What are their demographics? Geographical location? Age? Preferred niche?

Growing your Instagram engagement also necessitates getting to know your audience even more. That way, you can give them what you want. You’ll know what to post. You can adjust your posts’ tone, so as for them to resonate well with your followers.

When you’re able to meet that sweet spot of achieving what your audience wants, your engagement may increase drastically. So many more will be interested in your brand, will like, comment, or even send you direct messages (DMs).

Experiment With Different Content Types

Instagram may seem pretty straightforward when it comes to content, but did you know that you can actually post different content types on this social media network? This fact brings in the very first tip: to experiment with different content types.

There are single-photo posts, comprising only one image per post. Or, you can also make use of the multiple-photo feature, wherein you have more than one and up to ten photos maximum for every post. Then, there’s the video feature, where you can post quick videos to longer ones through IGTV.

Keeping your followers engaged with your accountant entails giving them something to look forward to, and not boring them down. You can break up the monotony in your account by putting in something fresh. You’re not giving your followers the same thing over and over again. That way, you have the means to see which types of formats your audience engages in most often.

Post Consistently

Consistency is key. This also applies to Instagram posts. You can’t expect your Instagram engagement to increase when you don’t post consistently. Otherwise, you lose your hype. Your posts and your page as a whole get buried in the long line of other posts made by other brands and Instagram accounts.
How often should ‘posting consistently’ be? The general rule is to keep it anywhere between one to two posts per day. This is critical to staying relevant in the fast-paced social media platform that Instagram is known.

Strike Meaningful Conversations

What’s the best way to stay engaged with individuals? By talking to them. The same principle holds ground with Instagram. It’s not just enough to keep posting, as this is like talking from a one-sided perspective. You need to give your audience a chance to hold the microphone, too. This is what it means by striking conversations with your followers.

To do this, you can start by posting polls or Instagram questions. Ask random things that relate to your niche. Or, give your followers a chance to ask you questions, and then compile a video wherein you’re going to answer those, to the best of your ability.

If you look across influencers’ and brands’ Instagram pages, you’ll find that there are so many applying this strategy. It’s a no-fail in winning the hearts of your followers and increasing engagement, all because you’ve made that effort to strike up a conversation.


Even at present, Instagram continues to be one of the top social media platforms used both by individuals and businesses alike. There’s no denying the popularity that Instagram has brought about by the number of individuals that have already registered on the platform. With that, it’s easily understandable how increasing Instagram engagement should always be on top of your goals. You can be a step closer to that pursuit, through the tips you’ve just gone through.