How did Mobile Apps Develop Through The Years?


Mobile devices haven’t been here for long and in the little time they have been with us they’ve managed to change the world we live in. Smartphones again changed the game a few years later with the introduction of apps.

What are Mobile Apps?

Unlike the integrated software systems found on Pcs, Apps provide isolated and limited functionality, these could be a calculator, calendar or simple web browsers. Initially, apps started out as a  method to deter problems from limited hardware resources. Today the idea of mobile apps has stuck due to the fact that they offer the users to specify the desired functions for their mobile device.

Different Types Of Apps

Today there are several apps on the market to suit every individual’s needs. Apps are split in two categories, native and web apps. Native apps are those that are built ground up for specific mobile systems be it the IOS or Android operating system. These apps tend to offer better performance with a smoother user interface while also undergoing strict quality and development control.

Web apps, on the other hand, are built through HTML5 or CSS and do not stress the user’s device memory, instead, since they run through web browsers all the stress is placed on the servers rather than the clients, this method will require a solid internet connection.

Gaming Apps

Whether casual gaming or money-wagering fun these apps dominate the app store and google play app store. That being said, you can find the best website for sports betting utilising a web app service to offer thousands of users a smooth experience when gaming. When it comes to games of wager native apps tend to function better for the majority of the time, this is unless the site is of superb quality and can offer both.

Productivity Apps

These tend to be apps to help improve the efficiency of our hectic lives. These can be apps like To-Do reminder apps or work tracing apps. 

Lifestyle Apps

Apps like Tinder(the most popular dating app) are considered lifestyle apps. Lifestyle apps are those which encompass aspects of personal lifestyle be it fitness, health and even food!

These apps are becoming increasingly popular in recent years and a quick peek at gym membership statistics showcases that more and more users are using fitness apps to get their training done. 

Entertainment Apps

Entertainment apps are commonly seen as evil apps. This is because these apps literally soak up our time by providing hours of entertainment. Apps like Netflix and Tiktok fall in this category as is the case for other social media sites. Entertainment apps are also the most popular installed apps across mobile devices.

Mobile Commerce Apps

Our final app category, at least for the time being, is mobile commerce apps the likes of Amazon, Etsy, eBay and even travelling apps such as These are typically apps that users can use to purchase items from their smartphones with ease. These apps are generally used for travel help apps including travel diaries and utility apps.