How to Make Product Packaging Appealing in 2022


Today, there is no lack of choice of products and goods for buyers. When entering a store or supermarket, customers can spend hours choosing goods from a dozen of various options. Even though each customer wants to choose the best product in terms of quality, functionality, or ingredients, great attention is paid to how the product is packaged.

The buyer only needs a few seconds to determine whether he likes the product or not. Thus, sellers need to think outside the box to capture the attention of buyers from the first second. 

Buyers know that they should not judge a thing by the outside. However, you should encourage them to want to learn more about your product. Attractive packaging can play a positive role in making consumers trust what’s inside. 

How to make a great first impression? How do you get customers to reach the shelf for your product, and not for the product of your competitors? It only takes a few seconds for buyers to evaluate your product, and you have to work hard to get their attention. 

We will share tips on what you should do to make your packaging stand out from the rest and grab the attention of customers so that they do not want to pay attention to other products. 

Brainstorming ideas 

Conduct research 

Before you start coming up with out-of-the-box ideas, you should clearly define who you are packaging for. If your target group is adults and older people, they will prefer classic packaging that looks good and inspires confidence. If these are young people and teenagers, then their attention can be attracted by bright colors, non-standard shapes, and additional accessories. 

Also, take the time to pay attention to how your direct competitors package their products. Thus, you can understand where you should start, so that buyers do not even want to look at their products. 

Select the type of container 

When choosing a container, do not forget that, first of all, it must be reliable. No one wants to come home and find that the goods are broken or damaged because of a cheap and fragile container. In addition, remember that it must: 

  • Look aesthetically pleasing; 
  • Meet customer expectations if there is an industry-standard; 
  • Be functional; 
  • Be suitable for transportation. 

Generate a few ideas 

If at the initial stage you have some vision, then sketch a few ideas. Brainstorm and choose the brightest ideas you have. After that, you need to get feedback from different people. Consult with colleagues, friends, and partners to give an unbiased assessment of the design. So, you can highlight a few favorites and identify strengths and weaknesses. 

Consider the label 

Before you start label printing, there are a few things you should consider. The label is also an essential part of the packaging, which can grab the attention of the buyers as well as clarify the product. You should consider: 

  • Size; 
  • Material (waterproof, craft, metallic/foil, etc.); 
  • Color; 
  • Shape; 
  • Visual elements (imagery, graphics, fonts) 
  • Content (product name, net weight, contact information, ingredients, instructions). 

Think about what marketing message you want to convey to your customers. To do this, you should do a competitive analysis, describe the experience customers can expect to have, use you-centric language, and show a difference from your competitors. 

Tips for good-looking packaging 

Make it seem intriguing 

Unattractive and boring packaging will not attract the attention of buyers. You need to think about how you can intrigue customers so that their hands reach for your product on the shelf. Thus, you will want to add something custom to the package to make it look special. 

You can add some accessories or choose the original shape. It is best to picture your product on the shelf among others and think about what will make you pay attention to the product. 

Stick to the minimalist trend 

Minimalism has been a major trend in recent years. It is followed by a huge number of designers in various fields, whether in the creation of websites, applications, products, and goods. Minimalist design doesn’t mean gaudy. Most successful brands follow this trend. 

Check out the box of Apple products, Boxed Water Is Better, Ikea, or Happy Socks. Many of the brands, such as Boxed Water Is Better, emphasize eco-packaging, noting that boxed water is better than water in plastic bottles. 

Choose the right colors 

Utilizing color psychology, you may select the colors for your packaging based on your brand, target market, and goods. With the help of colors, you can convey information, as well as set the mood for customers. For example, white is associated with purity, and innocence, while black is associated with power and elegance. In addition, in recent years, buyers have increasingly preferred delicate pastel colors associated with natural materials and environmental friendliness. 


Although you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, in many cases manufacturers sell the packaging first and then the product itself. All products are now in abundance and customers have plenty to choose from. Thus, you should make sure that out of a dozen identical products, yours stands out. These tips will help you create the perfect packaging that will work for your brand. This will help you significantly increase your sales.