How to Build an Effective Website for Your Minneapolis-based Business


Do you have a Minneapolis-based business that is in desperate need of a website? To be competitive nowadays, a website is a given, and it should be seen as part of operating a business. It helps you to stay competitive, connect with potential customers, get the word out, and build authority in the industry. But any old website won’t cut it; it needs to be professional, free of bugs and issues, and be engaging and pleasing to the eye.

With all that said, we’ve got some tips that will help you to build an effective website for your Minneapolis-based business.

The Domain Name Matters

Before you can start building the site and putting together the design, you need a domain name. This is the website address, so you need to be thoughtful in what you choose. Ideally, it will be the company name, but that’s not always possible as that may be taken. The website address needs to be short and simple; the last thing customers want to do is type in a long and confusing domain name.

Use Company Branding and Logos Throughout

A great way to create consistency across all pages on the website is to use company branding and logos throughout. That could be a particular color palette, a logo, a symbol, a picture, a saying, and so forth. You always want it to be clear what site visitors are on.

Offer a Search Tool within the Website

The user experience should be a top priority and navigation falls under this category. When a visitor lands on your website and they have something, in particular, they are searching for, results should be simple and fast. Offering a search tool within the website is an excellent way to ensure this. You can also use drop-down menus to help with navigation.

Include Plenty of Product Pictures and Videos

For e-commerce companies and those selling physical items, you’ll need to post plenty of high-quality product photos and videos. Be sure you take pictures from all angles to give visitors a true sense of the item.

Give Visitors an Easy Way to Contact You

When browsing online, you’ve probably noticed that websites often have a “contact us” button or link. This is something you’ll want to include on your site as well, as it’s important from a customer service standpoint. Some websites even have a live chat feature in the contact us section.

Eliminate Risks and Outsource Website Development

If these tips seem too time-consuming, confusing, and outside your skillset then it’s time to make a smart decision and outsource. You can find a professional website development Minneapolis agency that looks at the company’s specific needs and requests and then balances it against the customer base, the market, and what the competition is doing online. The result will be sleek, professional, and effective but without any added stress and responsibility on your plate.

Make a Statement with Your Website

All of these tips are meant to help companies who are building a website for their company and want to be sure they get it right from the get-go.