Can I Host My Website in CDN?


Let’s imagine a situation: you have an online games platform or an online store, and they are developing actively and successfully. You are happy, but in the meantime, you receive a message from your users that the site is running too slowly. You test the speed — and you’re fine. However, the problem on the client side does not disappear, because it is located farther from your server, and the delivery of content is uneven. To keep the speed of loading the necessary pages and services on the client side stable while scaling and increasing the level of traffic, hosting with CDN is needed.

What Is CDN?

The term CDN means a network of servers located in different localities. There are many such servers; they are powerful and secure, and thanks to this, content delivery is fast and easy. The more server points in the network, the faster the pages of visitors to online resources are loaded on the CDN load. High-speed data delivery in today’s reality seems an extreme necessity, but not all site owners are aware of this possibility.

How Does It Work?

CDN reduces the actual distance between the user and the server because the visitor uses the server that is part of the network and is located geographically closest. However, such an even distribution of traffic between different servers reduces the load on hard drives. Thus, the resource becomes resistant to DDOS attacks, and the information transmitted between a particular resource and the user is more secure.

Best CDN Example

As you know from the principle of CDN, the technology helps to speed up page loading, optimizes resource performance, and increases security, but CDN is not the same as a web host. The reason is that CDN does not store the contents of the platform on its disks. Its main task is to increase the productivity of the site. So, a web host and a CDN are interconnected but not identical.

A striking example of CDN is G-Core.Labs. The company entered the Guinness Book of Records for being the most powerful and widespread network in the world with the largest number of servers. Now, G-Core Labs services can be used in almost any country in the world.

CDN Main Benefits
CDN technology has lots of benefits:

– 1. Reduction of site loading speed.
– 2. The site is becoming more accessible even in those regions that are far from the main office of the platform owners.
– 3. Reduce the cost of increasing capacity.
– 4. The security and stability of the site are significantly increasing.

This ensures uninterrupted customer service, even with a significant increase in traffic and site scaling.

In addition to these benefits, there is another significant bonus: search engines can better rank pages on your site because they appear in the eyes of the search engine as fast, reliable, secure, and, therefore, high quality. So, if your site is growing fast, more and more users are coming to it, and you need to host large files, CDN is the best thing you can choose.