Why Is Node.js Programming So Popular?


Node.JS is a famous Javascript environment. It can help in the development of different apps and runs on the Chrome engine.

Today, Node.JS programming is popular with brands like Netflix, LinkedIn, and Walmart. We also see many of our clients at Reintech favor Node.JS for their projects.

However, why is Node.JS so popular?

Let’s explore more.

Node.JS Is All About JavaScript

Node.JS relies on Javascript to develop web apps. JavaScript is one of the most popular languages on the web. As per Stack Overflow, 64.96% of developers use JavaScript.

Therefore, Node.JS is a natural choice for JavaScript developers. It can help you attend to server-end responsibilities with Node.JS.

It’s one of the primary reasons for the popularity of Node.JS.

You Can Easily Node.JS DEvelopers

Node.JS is a top choice to develop social media apps, eCommerce apps, video streaming apps, and more.

In addition, 33.91% of developers already develop using Node.JS, says Stack Overflow. Therefore, businesses can easily find and hire a Node.JS developer quickly to start developing.

Moreover, the framework has a low learning curve. So, you can market your app faster to generate revenues.

Node.JS is Mobile-Friendly and Platform Agnostic

One of the biggest advantages of any technology is its interoperability. Node.JS supports a range of platforms so that you can target varied customer bases. You don’t have to restrict your revenues by focusing on one platform only.

Moreover, your code works on all platforms to save effort and time.

In addition, Node.JS is ideal for mobile development. You can create great apps with less coding and more reliability.

Node.JS Is Great for Microservices

Node.JS is a lightweight framework. The tool allows developers to create a full app based on small services. Therefore, it is a great choice to use for microservices architectures.

Each microservice runs its own process and improves the overall performance of the app. Developers can also modify these independent services without disrupting the whole app.

A Huge Ecosystem

Node.JS has a range of resources to develop with ease. You can rely on thousands of libraries to add all functions and features. Additionally, more libraries are being added every day.

Best of all, most of these tools are free and open-source. Therefore, you will never have to worry about a tight budget.

In addition, Node.JS has a huge community who are the driving force of the framework. You can get assistance in minutes or answers to your queries.

Node.JS Is Lightning Fast

Node.JS can process numerous requests simultaneously. Therefore, it can reduce response times drastically and help businesses serve hundreds of customers.

Businesses like Netflix and Walmart experienced quick response times when they moved to Node.JS.

Wide Support

You can host Node.JS on all leading providers. The list includes Amazon, Azure, Google, and more. Therefore, businesses can develop once and host their apps on any platform they wish.

In addition, Node.JS is easy to maintain and edit. You work with small parts to build your entire app. So, you can easily modify or change your code without problems.

Final Thoughts

Node.JS is becoming a great choice for web development. It is also being used for mobile apps and supports a wide range of software. Node.JS is also popular for JavaScript and has a huge library. You can also expect quick response times and reliable performance.