4 Ideas for Creating Promotional Products for Your Business


Promotional products are something that businesses of all sizes and across all industries can create. They act as a low-cost marketing tool that can be highly effective, they boost exposure for the company, help with brand awareness, and they can even solidify customer loyalty. Even if you have a small start-up, promotional products can be well worth the investment thanks to all the benefits. Here are four ideas for creating promotional products for your business.

Bags of All Types Are Crowd Pleasers

This first idea is one of the more expensive branding items you can invest in, but this one is extremely effective. Any type of bag will prove to be a crowd-pleaser because it’s useful. The more the customer uses it, the more free advertising you’ll be getting. It also acts as a constant reminder to them about your company.

Some of the different bags you can have branded and then give away include:

– Soft-sided cooler
– Purse
– Hip pouch/fanny pack
– Backpack
– Duffle bag
– Shopping tote
– Carry-on luggage
– Laptop bag/sleeve

Because this item is pricier, you can reserve it for VIP customers and even make it an incentive freebie. For example, maybe it is tied to a minimum spend or a minimum number of orders placed.

Sunglasses Are Practical and Stylish

Sunglasses aren’t always an idea that businesses jump to but that’s what makes them so effective. This one feels sleek, unique, and trendy. Be sure to pick a unisex style in a neutral color so that it will be pleasing to all. You can then place the company logo on the arm of the glasses. This is the kind of promotional item that doesn’t get tossed in the garbage.

Another take on glasses is to opt for blue light reducing glasses. These are extremely popular right now and may garner more attention.

Branded Clothing Is Perhaps the Most Effective

If you want to get the most bang for your buck, branded clothing is probably the best way to go. It draws attention, people will see your company name and logo, and the person wearing it appreciates the freebie. Just make sure you choose clothing items that are basics and staples.

Some great examples of clothing that you can brand include:

– T-shirts
– Hoodies
– Baseball caps
– Jackets
– Mitts
– Toques

There are many other items but these are the standard and most popular ones.

Technology Giveaways Make the Company Look Professional

If you’re trying to convey a professional image then technology promotional products are probably the best idea. These items show that the company is up-to-date on the latest trends and that they treat their customers well. Technology-based giveaways can range in price depending on the item you choose.
A USB stick is going to be much cheaper than wireless headphones and each has its place in your arsenal.

Use Customized Stickers on Products

Promotional products always need to have a branding angle to them, which means including your logo and basic information. A simple, fast, and budget-friendly way to add this personalized branding is to create custom stickers. You can make stickers online that look sleek and professional that you can then place on any item you plan on giving away as promotional gear.

Another cool aspect of these digital stickers is that you can also share them online through the company’s social media sites. Again, it’s about creating buzz and awareness so getting the word out is essential.

Don’t Stress Out About the Idea

If your company is struggling to come up with the perfect promotional product ideas for its customers, all of these are sure to hit the mark. It’s important to step into the shoes of customers, imagine what would grab their attention, and what they would use, and go from there.