How Promotional Products May Help Startups Establish Their Brand


Developing a brand helps your business be more easily remembered by your target audience. Promotional products can help consumers remember your brand.  Giving free branded gifts help your recipients keep your brands foremost in their minds and also encourages a favorable response from them.  To make your business have personality and make it more memorable, you need a brand.  When developing your marketing plan, content, and other aspects of your business, you should think about your brand identity and voice to be consistent across all points of contact.  That would help your brand be more memorable, valid, and trusted.  Since promotional products have been found to help your brand be more memorable, you need to incorporate them into building your brand.

To build a brand, you need to first establish your brand identity.  Since your brand identity will guide you in developing your brand, you have to consider your tone of voice.  A brand identity ensures consistency across all points of contact for your customers.  Consistency helps to develop a brand and ensures that outstanding customer service is given consistently.  The staff who deals with customers should embrace and carry on with your brand identity.  Since your promotional products must take the part of your brand identity, you need promotional products that will remind your customers about your brand identity and what your company does.

After establishing your brand identity, you need to find a voice that will help you the most with the success of your business.  Your staff will be using that voice with your customers.  What successful companies do besides establishing an identity and a voice is to draw out a company persona.  The staff takes on the persona who stands for the brand identity and talks in the brand voice.  That way, the customers will always be dealt with the same by all staff.  The brand voice will be promoted by your branded giveaways or promotional products.  Your company slogan and logo can by utilized to take on your brand voice and give more weight to the identity.

Once you are set on your brand identity and brand voice, you need a marketing plan that includes these factors. In your marketing plan, your brand identity indicates who the target audience is.  The consistency in the brand`s identity, voice, and persona are important in the marketing plan.  For instance, if the brand identity determines the target audience as gamers, then attempts to focus on media channels that are sought-after by that group should be included.  Promotional products are essential in the marketing plan for any business starting out.

Once you have your brand`s voice and identity, and then having developed a marketing plan with those factors in mind, then you need design and content to put them into action.  This will determine how your brand will look and sound.  The written content and design found on your website can be your content and design.  This can also mean the design and content of your retail store.  They should take on the brand`s identity and voice just the same as a website would.  If the design and content take on your brand`s identity and voice, then the experience of your visitors will likely help them remember your business.  With your promotional products, the colors you select, the logo, how the product is designed should represent your brand identity and voice.

For branding to influence the target audience, an online presence is a must. Businesses just starting out should have an online presence.  The internet platforms are great at targeting audiences directly.  When traditional means of marketing cannot be carried out, then online marketing should be done since it is easily accessible for small businesses.  An online presence makes it easier for your customers to find you on their mobile devices and plays a key role in enticing them on social media.

With a startup business, you need to build your brand the sooner, the better so that the target audience will remember you.  Especially when promotional products and branded gifts are handy and kept around, they can really help your brand stay foremost in the minds of your recipients.  For example, metal bookmarks would make wonderful promotional products since they are quite useful and will be seen countless times by your recipients.  Building your brand starts with setting up your brand identity and voice, and then having a marketing plan developed with those two factors in mind.

Once the marketing plan is completed, building out the design, content, and other marketing aspects should be implemented to influence your target audience.