How to Choose Video Game Design Courses for Kids in the UK


Are your kids interested in developing games? Well, you’d want them to hone their creativity right about now. Who knows? They may be creating their own video games—and profitable ones at that—in the future.

However, for this dream to be a reality, you’d need to enrol them in superb game design courses for kids in the UK.

The question is: how will you know if you’ve picked out the right one?

For starters, you need to check out and make sure that they have the following:

Age-Appropriate Game Design Courses

Fact: a 6-year-old will have different learning needs to, say, that of a 16-year old. So if you want your child to learn quickly, you need a school with age-appropriate game courses.

For example, at Software Academy, different camps are offered to suit students of different ages.
There’s a Computing Basics program designed for kids aged 6-8 years old. They’re also ideal for children who will be starting from scratch.

There’s also an advanced Architectural Visualization course, which is more suited for 12 to 16-year-old students.

Apart from that, Software Academy also offers a Python coding course. Not only will this teach your kid about a popular visual programming language, but it can also help them polish coding skills for the future.

Accredited Video Game Design Courses

Wouldn’t it be nice if your kid earned certification as well? At Software Academy, this is 100% possible.

Unlike other new camps, its courses are accredited by the Northern Council for Further Education (NCFE). This means that the course is of high quality—mainly because the NCFE doesn’t just give this accreditation willy-nilly.

When you enrol your child in a Software Academy computer science course, they will be awarded a certificate. They can use this to showcase their coding progress—something that’ll come in handy in the future.

Flexible Session Schedules

Maybe you want your child to learn at their own pace. Then again, perhaps you’re just looking for an operating system course that they can take during their summer break.

Whatever your preference is, you’re sure to find it in Software Academy UK.

Compared to other camps, they offer four learning options:

– Term-time Classes
Here, your kids can learn video game design after school. There’s also a half-term option where they can try and make a 3D game during the weekends.

– Holiday Camps
Available during holidays, kids can learn how to develop games during weekdays.

– Self-Guided
With this, your kids can create their own games simply by following fun video courses.

In fact, you can choose their official start date. And even if they decide to learn independently, tutor support is still available on-demand.

– Private Tuition
This one-on-one course means your child has a dedicated programming instructor.

Online or In-Person Options

Of course, you’d want a course that your kid can take on an online or in-person basis.

For example, you may not be comfortable sending your child to courses held in person. The pandemic is still not yet done, after all.

The good news is with Software Academy, you can choose from two options. You can enrol your kid in an online camp, or you may opt to send them to class with their friends.

Experienced Game Design Instructors

If your kids are budding game developers, then you’d want them to be taught by game design professionals themselves.

One of the best things about Software Academy courses is that university lecturers designed them. Not only are they experts in computer games, but they’re legit educators, too.

Here, your little ones can gain access to university-quality programs at a price you can easily pay.

Small Class Sizes

Be it in class or a game development course, it’s best to have a small class size of fewer than 20 students.

With this, the teacher gets to focus on all the children, not just a few. As a result, they learn more than if they were enrolled in a bigger class.

Stellar Reviews

If you want your children to be in the best gaming course, then make sure to read the reviews before signing up.

What do the students or their families have to say about the class? If it has good reviews on TrustPilot, Facebook, or Google, then you know you’re getting the best for your child.

Wrapping Up

Like any other parent or guardian, you’d want the best design courses for your kid. That’s why it’s best to enrol them in Software Academy.

Unlike other courses, they teach more than just game design. They can help your children improve their problem-solving skills as well!

At the end of every lesson, your little ones will be more than capable of creating professional applications on their own!

Still not convinced? You can always sign your little ones for a taster class!