Adobe Creative Cloud Express


Have you ever used Adobe Creative Cloud Express? This is an app that everyone is talking about and it might provide you with the creative tools you need. From being able to edit images for social media to quickly creating a flyer for an event, it is a versatile app that might surprise you with its features. Let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer.

How Much Do You Pay for Adobe Creative Cloud Express?

Of course, with any type of creative software, you want to know the price of it. Well, something good to note about Adobe Creative Cloud Express is that it is free to download. The app does not cost a thing to use and there are a lot of features that you are able to use whenever you want to. For instance, this includes having 2GB of storage, some royalty-free photos, a lot of templates and basic editing tools.

If you feel like you want to access more benefits, this is something that you can do by paying a subscription every month. Currently, this is $9.99. Often, this can include a free 30-day trial, which is going to allow you to test out the premium features and see if you like them. Essentially, you are going to get everything from the free version plus a lot more. For instance, this includes over 160 million royalty-free images and 100 GB of storage to name a few.

Is It Easy to Use Adobe Creative Cloud Express?

No matter what type of software you download, you want to make sure that it is easy to use. This way, you can get started with editing straight away. Well, the good news about Adobe Creative Cloud Express is that it is designed to be simple for everyone to use whether you are enjoying the app or on the web.

First of all, you are going to sign in to your Adobe account. There are going to be different templates you can use, whether you are wanting to create a flyer, invitation or even an Instagram story. Just like Adobe After Effects, you are going to find a lot of different templates you can enjoy and this will be your starting point. But, you can also start from scratch too if you are feeling creative.

Once you have your template, there are going to be a variety of interactions you can enjoy. From adding text and photos to changing the background and inserting logos, all of the menus are clear and guide you through the process. You can customize your template in hundreds of different ways.

What are the Different Categories You Can Use?

So, we have mentioned that there are various interactions you can have with your template. Let’s talk about them in a bit more detail and what you can expect. For instance, if you select ‘text’, you are going to be able to write whatever you want and change the style. This could be adding a quote or a label, as well as signs.

Then, there are going to be a variety of ‘photos’ you can select under this category. Of course, there are free images, whether you are looking for pets, travel images or even people. There are just so many options that you can make a template yours.

Another category that you might find interesting includes ‘animation.’ This allows you to make images move and really make it attractive. For example, you can make colors shuffle and fade, as well as animate images you have in certain ways. This might add the interest you are looking for and really transform your template.

Would you like to edit videos? This is something that is possible in Adobe Creative Cloud Express. You are going to get the classic editing tools you need. This includes being able to trim the video to the length you want and cropping the shot. You can even speed up or slow down the clip and change the video to different formats to suit your needs.

Who Uses Adobe Creative Cloud Express?

The versatility of Adobe Creative Cloud Express means that a variety of people are going to be able to enjoy it. If you are looking for quick and easy ways to be creative, this can be the app you use. Alternatively, if you are new to this type of creation, you are going to find this app easy to interact with.

Sure, Adobe Creative Cloud Express does not have everything you might need. For instance, some people would like to see options for creating infographics and other business graphics. But, Adobe Creative Cloud Express is a good starting point for a lot of people. One of the features that really excels is the ability to enhance images. You can do everything from adjusting saturation and contrast to adding filters to sort out blur and grayscale.