A Beginner’s Guide To Getting Started With Plugins For Rust


Avid gamers know that choosing the right plugins is critical, as it will considerably impact their performance and experience. Many of them opt for Rust servers as they offer endless benefits and are compatible with all types of platforms, such as Linux, Windows, and macOS.

However, before focusing on the kind of Rust plugins you should invest in as a gamer, it is crucial to understand how to install them on your server. First-timers who are intimidated by the process can be assured that it sounds more complicated than it actually is.

The fundamental basics about plugins in this article will help you get started the right way, helping you enjoy the process of becoming a professional gamer in no time.

Quick Definition

Before knowing which plugins to download, understand what a plugin is and why it is essential to gamers. In incredibly simple terms, it is a pivotal piece of software that you can add to an existing computer program or application. It can help modify video games and enhance the experience for users, enabling them to play like never before.

Most plugins are free for players to download and use, but there are some high-end ones in the market that are best bought from reliable sources. These are of premium quality and extend the functionality of respective applications to an unimaginable extent.

You need a plugins folder, popularly called a “crate,” to successfully set this up on your computer.

Installing the Plugins on Your Server

There are hundreds, and perhaps thousands now, of plugins available in the market at reasonable prices. Some can cost you as little as $10, while others can go a bit over $30, depending on features and functionality. You can try some of the free configurations as well, provided you download them from secure websites.

You must ensure the uMod plugin framework is installed on your server before you can begin downloading the plugins. Use the appropriate application to ensure the process is completed successfully, depending on your operating system. For instance, you must use the Bash Script to install uMod if you are a Linux user, while Windows users can do it via Powershell Script or the uMod installer.

If the appropriate method is not followed during the installation, the plugins will not work correctly. Once that is done, you must go to a reputable and authentic website that hosts plugins for Rust. First, you need to download them on your computer before installing them on the server (to the plugins folder in the main directory).

Recommended Plugins to Consider Purchasing

It is common for beginners to be unsure where to begin and which Rust plugins to get first. You can browse the list below of some popular plugins to consider getting started with.

– Updates Checker – This is a very useful tool that can automatically check for available plugin updates, allowing you to go ahead with the updates as you please. Several dependable sites offer this configuration for free.

– BossMonster – You have the fantastic option to add NPC bosses with different abilities to any place of your choice on the map using this plugin. Moreover, you can add more than one ability to a single boss while also giving them weapons and clothes. The map will show you the actual bosses, along with their names and health stats.

– Police Vehicles – This incredible configuration enables users to produce any police vehicle of their choice from options that include a police boat, scrap transport helicopter, car, and more. However, note that you can create only one vehicle at a time unless you have permission to produce multiple ones simultaneously. The siren is a new and exciting feature, and you can set up your own for a small fee.

– BackPackPro – This plugin allows you to display the 3D backpack with a mind-numbing capacity of 9999 or more. You have the option to make it a 3D model or a stash bag, besides determining the size of your choice.

– Loot Protection – It helps protect workbenches, player boxes, and more from being opened or even picked up by others. You have the freedom to designate a specific list of zones wherein the boxes will be protected. You can also schedule a disable or enable the function for the plugin during the game or other times.

The bottom Line

To sum up, the world of plugins for Rust can be an exciting yet complex thing for more users than a few. If you find yourself in a dilemma while doing any of the above steps, you should seek help from reliable Rust communities that will instantly answer any questions you may have. It will help you begin using plugins the right way, establishing your footing as a pro gamer.