The Ultimate Guide to Decorating a Pool House


Pool houses are a lovely outdoor space to have in your backyard. More so if you entertain often and enjoy treating your guests to some fun outdoor activities in and around your pool.
However, your pool house will only be as cozy and functional as you make. So, if you have one or plan to build one, come along and let’s discuss some decor ideas to make your pool house the outdoor space of everyone’s dreams.

Modern Glass Doors

If you look up pool houses on the internet and magazines, you will likely find that lots of them have floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows. The genius of this idea is that it gives pool houses an outdoor ambiance by allowing in a flood of light and openness. The good news, however, is there are now more amazing glass door solutions in the market.

Besides good old tinted glass, look out for options such as privacy glass. It is typically transparent but can be made opaque at the flip of a switch. The best part is that this type of glass can also act as a shield from the glare of the sun on summer days when it gets a little overbearing.
You can also blend glass and wood panels for areas such as changing rooms where privacy is required. The wood would also break the monotony of the glass and make the pool house blend in more naturally in the outdoor space.

A Decadent Bath Area

A good swim is a great way to stay fit or cool down in the summer. Still, it is crucial that you or your guests are able to wash off all the chlorine when done.

A great shower with proper privacy is always a nice touch. On the other hand, if you have a generous budget, consider going all out and installing facilities like a small sauna and a jacuzzi too. This would make the space a treat for everyone including those that may not be keen on swimming.

Storage Spaces

Storage spaces are often overlooked when decorating pool houses for residential properties and yet, they are a major necessity. Provisions such as shelves with baskets, closets, or storage ottomans would allow you to always keep all your swimwear and accessories neatly tucked away.
Additionally, consider that you or some of your guests may require more secure storage for valuables and other personal effects as they swim. Storage options like a fingerprint safe would come in handy for such needs. Modern designs are quite discreet and can be installed almost anywhere.

Durable Outdoor Furniture

If you are going for a cozy pool house type of decor, you may be tempted to invest in lush couches or recliners. This is certainly a great idea but it is equally important to remember that a pool house is an indoor-outdoor space. The furniture you invest in needs to be able to handle the functions of such a space.

On one hand, you could choose to go with outdoor furniture that can easily be used when the pool house is open or in the winter when you want to cuddle indoors. Aim for a quality furniture supplier that works with an innovative mould manufacturer. It will save you from the heartache of bland unreliable outdoor furniture designs.

Alternatively, you could invest in cozy indoor pieces and some outdoor furniture pieces that can serve you both inside and outside. It may cost a little more but it will offer you the best of both worlds.

Outdoor-friendly Lighting

Like the furniture, it is essential that your pool house lighting is suitable for outdoor applications. If it is not, a lot could go wrong due to its proximity to your pool and facilities like a sauna or a jacuzzi. Naturally, it is also key that the lighting adds some charm to the space and its decor.

Quite a tall order for a set of lights, right?

Fortunately, innovation comes to the rescue once more. LED strip lights have been in the market for a while and are well-known for their energy efficiency. What you may not know is that there are specific models, such as the 5050 LED strip light, that are uniquely designed for outdoor use. They are easily customizable and resilient against weather elements, dust, as well as steam, and water.

Moreover, these particular strip lights offer colorful lighting that you can use for parties or just to liven up your backyard. The installation process is easy enough too if you fancy a DIY project.


Pool houses often seem like an extravagance but the truth is, they can be a gift that never stops giving. This is only one set of value-adding ideas but if you outgrow the setup later on, you can always switch it up into a gym or a home bar, if you please. Besides, if the pandemic has taught anything, home recreational spaces are simply a must-have.