Seven Ways To Make Your Home Decor Look Luxurious


Whether you are trying to decorate your new house, spice up your existing decor, or decorating your home to be put up on the market, it can be a tedious task and requires a lot of effort. There are so many factors that affect the items, colors, designs and materials you pick for your home including, but not limited to your personal preferences, the size of your house and rooms, the existing colors and items in the house, and so much more. If you have a luxurious and classy taste but are worried about your decor getting out of budget, this article is for you. Believe us, luxurious decor does not have to be expensive, the price of things does not show their class, but their quality and looks do. Here are a few inexpensive and affordable ways to make your home decor look luxurious. The list covers everything from colors, designs, styles, tips, to accessories and more to help you make your home look more spacious, luxurious and classy without having to burn a hole in your pocket, and we hope it helps you spice up the interiors of your home in an expensive looking way.

– Plants
Plants add a nice, natural look to your home, be it in your living room, balcony or on your patio. If you select the right plants with the right leaves and flowers, put them into the right pots and put them on a pretty, minimal, and modern flower shelf that matches your walls and existing decor, it can add just the right classy touch to your house. Just make sure you take care of your plants, and keep them healthy and colorful. Plants add a hint of green and life to your home, and can go with most colors and styles, especially when placed on a modern, wooden plant shelf. Take this wood plant stand triangular shelf 6 pots flower shelf, for example.

This plant shelf by can go well indoors, outdoors and with a number of different toned backgrounds with its wooden build, and can hold six different plants or other decorative items, displaying them in the best way! Plus, its triangular base makes it perfectly balanced and makes it sturdy and stable. It comes with a clear set of instructions and pictures, and is easy to assemble and move around because of its light weight. When you look for a flower shelf, you want it to be pretty, sturdy, the right size, stable and trendy and you want it to hold a number of plants without letting them overshadow each other and stay healthy.

– Lighting
The amount of effect a simple change in lighting can have on the look and feel of your house is commendable! Browse through new, trendy and modern designs in lighting and try to go for lighting styles and lamps that can be incorporated into your existing decor easily. Try playing around with different kinds and colors of lighting, adding a splash of light to a flower shelf, adding backsplashes and edge lighting, and experimenting with minimal styles. Just make sure your choice is not too loud or bright, and you will get just the right lighting for a luxurious home.

– Neutrals
Using neutrals is one of the simplest ways to make a space look more expensive and classier. If it is a new home, think about using neutrals like grey, beige, ivory, taupe, etc. on your walls, and adding white neutral hued fabric and furniture that gives your house a modern, minimal look. For example, you can place an off white ceramic plant pot on a wooden flower shelf in front of a grey wall. Just pick the right colors, materials and sizes that complement each other, create a contrast and you are good to go. This does not mean that a splash of color every here and there would make things look cheap, you can still try experimenting with a pop of color on a wall or on your centerpiece, making a statement.

– Art
Hanging a big piece of artwork on an empty wall can really make a statement, especially if it matches the hues around it and in the room. But you have to be a little careful when selecting the art, as it needs to be the right size and in the right colors. In addition to this, you need to make sure that the design is minimal and not too distracting so that it does not take up all the focus of the room. You also need to keep in mind that not every empty wall needs a painting, choose the number, size and location of your paintings wisely and keep it as modern as possible They do not have to be expensive, you can find big and unique art pieces in thrift stores and flea markets. Plus, you can also use photo frames or make your own art to be hung up on the walls, all it needs is a little creativity, a big canvas and some paint.

– Mirrors
Mirrors are a great way to add some visual space to your home and make its interiors seem bigger. You can place a large mirror on one wall to make the room seem double its size, and select a frame that goes with the background. With neutral colors, it is best to choose a mirror with a golden frame as it adds quite a luxurious touch to the whole set up and makes everything shine.

– Mixed textures
You can try mixing different textures in the room to give it a custom, more expensive look. Try playing out with different pillow or cushion cashes, some neutral and one stand out silk or velvet one, add some gold or brass bottles or showpieces on a wooden table or in an empty corner.

– Some history
If you have a historical item that holds significance in your family or in your life, make sure to give it a special spot in one of your rooms. If you have something really special and valuable handed to you by your elders, you can also add a simple display case or a red cushion to show it off. Display it in the best light to give your home a royal and classy look and feel.

These are some inexpensive ways to make your home look more luxurious and classier. You can use all sorts of accessories along with these ideas – bottles, pillows, rugs, towels, showpieces, lamps, idols, shelves, books, etc. All you need to keep in mind is to pick the right colors and designs that would give your home a modern, minimal look and make it look expensive. You can find most of these items – furniture, decor, appliances, and pretty much everything you need for your home on The website comes with filters that you can set according to your style, color, and price preferences and find just the right items for your house. Looking for a flower shelf? An almirah? A shoe rack? Utensils, or pet supplies? They have got you covered with their wide range of a variety of collections and options to choose from.