Free Resources To Help The Designer


It doesn’t matter who you are: a professional designer or an amateur, an SMM specialist or a business owner, etc. Everyone who is working to promote business on the Internet needs pictures, videos, icons, and other things for the site/post/article/banner from time to time.

Creating your project from scratch can not be done by everyone. But everyone can make life a lot easier by using some of the tools and “tricks” that we will share in this article. Especially since all of the presented resources are free (well, almost all of them).

This is a source of quality images that are taken by photographers from around the world and can be used for free. We recommend using this service for your projects, because here you can find quality photos in the same style. But, there is a risk to taking a photo that has already been used elsewhere, because all of them are free. But anyway, it is much better than using stock photos for your projects.

A popular web portal for designers. Designers from all over the world post their work and share their experiences. The site is a social network for creative people: view and evaluate other people’s work as registered users. You can share your work after a special invitation (invite) from a designer friend. Or by showing your work to another user with an invitation. It is a great place to get your inspiration from.

Perhaps the best service for selecting icons, there are many free ones and the most interesting part is – they can be customized directly on the site, by color and size, and then downloaded in any convenient format. The advantage of Flaticon is that it has a large assortment of icons for different styles, so if I need cool icons for the site or any other page we recommend starting looking from flaticon.

A huge number of beautiful and free photos on a wide variety of topics with a free license.
Unlike the other places – there is a very convenient filter based on the color scheme of the photo.

If you need to quickly and efficiently cut an object out of the background, this service will help you do it in two clicks. You don’t even believe how much time this site can save to any designer. Highly recommended!

Often happens that you need not only photos but also videos for a website. When you don’t have a videographer on hand, you can always go to a stockist. The site has a large number of free and paid videos of high quality. But here you should also look at the license, if you are interested in using it commercially for the background of the site, in your blog, etc.

It’s a free graphics tool that can be used for a variety of tasks: creating covers for social networks, posters, logos, infographics, YouTube thumbnails, business cards, resumes, and more. Canva’s editor is so simple that even a novice can cope with the task. The service provides ready-made templates, sets of backgrounds, fonts, shapes, fonts (you can upload your own as well).

This is a service for prototyping web pages. It boasts clients like HBO (yes, that one!), Netflix, and Airbnb. Its advantage is that you can work in teams and share files. That is why this cloud service is very popular with development teams around the world.

The tool has all the features you need to create the framework for a future site, work out the selling structure of a landing page or a mobile application. And you don’t need to install anything, and all the work is saved in the cloud.

Service for creating presentations, but primarily for developing infographics. The tool includes a huge number of fonts (about 100 free fonts), icons, and images. You can also include audio and video (important for presentations), and even record voiceovers right in the editor.

The service also has the necessary features to create animated infographics, which have been trending for the past few years.

An online tool for compressing images. You can use it to optimize images for your site. Works with files in .png and .jpg formats. you can simultaneously process up to 20 photos, weighing no more than 5 MB.

Service reduces the weight of images, but it does not suffer from their quality – clarity, brightness of colors. Now you can use the site pictures that will not slow down the loading page.

As far as you know, nowadays 3D matte objects, illustrations, and everything are very popular. So, here you can find ready-made illustrations and icons, to apply to your site or application. There are 137 objects on a transparent background available for free. More materials are available on a paid basis with the customization of each element.

This service helps you analyze the attention map on your site using artificial intelligence. VisualEyes simulates eye-tracking studies and preference tests using predictive technology with fantastic accuracy. Also, there is a plugin for Figma, you can analyze pages right during the work.

An online service that helps you generate a color palette for your website by matching colors to color schemes.

The tool is very easy to use: on the color wheel, you just need to select the color you want to use as the main one. The service will automatically suggest colors that complement the color palette. There are different variations of color schemes, you can choose, switching between them. You can evaluate the result on the example site, which is provided by the service.

As you can see, many of the graphics tools are available for free, or at a reasonable price. Beginners, or those on a limited budget, can easily use free services. If you’re a pro, take a closer look at the more professional paid tools.