How Stand-Up Pouches Can Help Your Business


When considering how to package your product, there are a lot of factors to think about. These include ease of shipping, user-friendliness, the ability to integrate your business logo and colors, and more. One good option — especially for food items — is stand-up pouches. This type of package has many advantages from a business perspective.

Flexibility in How They Can Be Displayed

One thing that makes stand-up pouches so popular is the number of ways in which they can be displayed. You can opt for hang holes, which makes your pouches perfect for hanging displays. Or, because they can stand up on their own — unlike flat pouches — you can line them up in rows on shelves.

Alternatively, you can layer them for customers to thumb through. This allows for a larger quantity in a smaller space.

You’ll be able to see your product in places ranging from gas station convenience stores to pop-up boutiques when you use versatile packaging.

Versatility in What They Can Hold

A stand-up pouch is typically resealable, with a zip-top closure, making it ideal for holding food items or reusable parts. These pouches are typically made with FDA-approved materials that can come in direct contact with food without unsafe contamination. Food-grade packaging also keeps contents fresher for longer. Pouches come in a range of sizes, allowing you to maintain consistency of appearance while offering different product weights and price points.

Customization Options

Choosing customized pouches gives you a lot of say in what your final product will look like. From picking a color palette to selecting between matte or glossy finishes, you can create a look that is uniquely eye-catching and appealing to the consumer.

Superior Advertising of Your Brand

When you add labels to your stand-up pouches, you get a look that showcases your business and allows for greater brand recognition over time. You can choose clear labels to leave pouch contents visible or eco-safe paper roll labels to be more environmentally conscious. The surface area of the pouch lends itself to large labels with excellent visibility, whether your pouches are on a storefront display shelf or hanging in a neat line.

Ease of Shipping

Pouches ship easily in large numbers, making the whole process of product production to consumer faster and more seamless. Getting ready-made pouches in bulk saves you money as well as time putting together your own packaging. Stand-up pouches come ready to fill — thus removing the hassle, whether you order 100 at a time or thousands.

Other Packaging Options

Lay-flat pouches may also be a good choice for packaging food and other items, depending on your needs. Whatever you choose, make sure to use customized labeling and storefront decals — as well as similarly labeled promotional materials — that complement your packaging and create a consistent user experience.

If you’re looking for a way to increase sales and brand recognition, consider your packaging. Revamping this step in your production process and choosing stand-up pouches can grow your customer base without all the hassle involved with other packaging methods.