4 Tips for Scaling up a SaaS Company


Once you have your SaaS business up and running, are making some money and have acquired a few customers, it is time to start thinking about scaling up. Entrepreneurs and business owners should know there is no easy way to scale up a business, and there is no overnight success to be had here either. Doing so is often about making difficult decisions and allocating the right resources to the right places at the right time. To help get things going, here are a few tips for scaling up SaaS businesses that can help.

Keep Customers Happy

Your customers are one of the biggest assets when it comes to scaling up your business. They provide the funds you need while being indirect marketers and supporters for the business. It is therefore important to always keep them happy. One way to know how well you are doing in this regard is to always keep an eye on how healthy the relationship between the business and its customers is. Asking for feedback so you can find areas of improvement and trying to find out how they use your products and services are both great ways to show that you care and keep a healthy customer-business relationship.

Invite the Right Investors

Scaling up a business, SaaS or otherwise, generally means finding new ways to make a profit so you can expand in other areas of the business, such as introducing new products into the market, acquiring more customers, and so on. Sometimes a business does not have enough money to do all of this, and this is where investors come in. Getting investors to put more money into the business gives it the resources it needs to expand in the different areas that contribute to its overall growth. There are different types of investors including individuals, angel, and venture capital investors.

However, before inviting investors to your business, you need to know what it is worth so you know how much you would be giving up or how much leverage the investor(s) will end up with. For this, you need proper business valuation. SaaS valuation can be quite complicated because the industry is quite unique. To find out how SaaS businesses are valued, here is a detailed breakdown that goes into everything you and potential investors need to know.

Optimize Your Sales Strategy

It is also important to take a closer look at your sales funnel and find ways of optimizing it. Once you find a sales strategy and a successful sales model, you can hire the right people to expand and optimize it. Having a scalable sales strategy in place before making these hires helps you find a balance between scaling and spending on new hires. You do not want to hire too fast too soon, because that affects your bottom line while hiring too late will likely increase customer churn. You can also optimize your sales strategy by investing in training, automating some parts of your sales model, and hiring effective managers. Having all these elements in place is key to your success. For example with Savee, you and your team can track contracts over time, store original files, set reminders, and notify the appropriate stakeholders. This will help ensure that you never miss a renewal again.

Scale Your Marketing Efforts

It is always a good idea to experiment with different marketing channels and strategies within a marketing plan for SaaS companies to see which ones benefit your business at the scaling stage. However, do not forget to invest in the channels and strategies that are already working. For these, you only need to scale them up.

The focus should be on finding channels and strategies that help lower your customer acquisition cost. When you do so, you spend less on acquiring customers who make the business money, and both allow you to increase the amount you have to invest in the business.

Scaling a business is a critical point because this is where you realize growth or collapse altogether. Making the right business decisions, hiring the right people, allocating resources correctly, and streamlining some of your processes will all help you reach that next level.