Are Volkswagens Good Cars?


Volkswagens are one of my favorite cars. I grew up in the 70’s and remember driving around in a VW Bug. While they were not very attractive, at least they were reliable and affordable. Now, after thirty years, I look at a new car and it takes me at least five minutes to decide if it is a good investment or not. When you are buying used cars that are about to be sold, or even cars that you just want for parts, you have to take the same process into consideration as a potential buyer.

The best thing you can do is take a look at the newest models of Volkswagen and check out the list of parts for these cars. Most of the time, you will see that most of the cars on this list have some sort of plug-in hybrid power system. It is very interesting how manufacturers are moving away from gasoline powered vehicles and towards hybrid and electric cars. In the coming years, more new cars will offer some type of plug-in hybrid power system.

Did you know that there are small cars like Volkswagen that are now getting some pretty tough competition? Not only are they surviving, but they are being outrun by some of the largest production cars out there. Some of the small cars on the market today can go up to sixty miles per hour. That is great when you are doing something on the road, but not so great if you want to get some real economy. Most of the new models of Volkswagen sport sedans offer about twenty five thousand dollars or less as the base price, so that is not too bad of a deal when you are looking for new cars to buy.

Are Volkswagens good cars? If you are going to the dealerships and trying to find some new models, you are going to see that they are pretty heavy in the wallet. There are some models that start at two hundred fifty thousand dollars and go all the way up to six hundred thousand dollar cars. Some of these cars have just the capacity to go down the road really fast, which is awesome for people who like to take road trips. The fact that there are so many choices of Volkswagen that people can choose from is a very good thing when you are thinking about finding new cars to buy. Importantly, cost plays a big factor. The VW Golf’s price may steer you into purchasing the car. They are usually affordable and practical.

Now, back to why do people buy used cars instead of new cars? People buy used cars because they are cheaper. When you purchase a brand new vehicle, you are spending all that money right out of pocket right up front. When you purchase a used car, you can finance it and pay off the loan over time. When you purchase a used car, if you want to keep it for four years or more, then you can do that, as well.

Another reason why people like buying second hand Volkswagen is because they can find reliability in the German cars. Since Volkswagen is a company that has been around for over ninety years, they know how to build dependable cars. You don’t have to worry about the engine blowing up, or the transmission falling off. You also don’t have to worry about the body rips or the interior problems. With a brand new vehicle, you are lucky if the whole thing breaks down within the first year, which is why many people prefer to go with a used VW over a new one.

All things considered, it seems that Volkswagens are good cars. Many people look at them and think of dependability and the fact that they can take a long road trip. They are small cars, so they fit into tight parking lots really well. They have low profiles, which make them ideal to be placed next to other cars on a long highway drive. If you live in a small town and you rarely have long trips, you may want to think about purchasing a used Volkswagen instead of a new one, but even new cars have flaws and the same can be said of used Volkswagen.

When you are looking at used cars, you want to make sure that they have a clean title and an excellent history. The better the car, the more money you will be able to save, so you will be able to buy more cars for your family. When you look at car reviews, you will find that you will be able to find many honest online dealers. They will offer you a large supply of high quality used Volkswagen. They will help you decide which car best suits your needs, so you will always know that you are getting the best deal.