7 Main Mistakes When Choosing a Domain Name for a Blog


Before diving into the specifics of choosing a suitable domain, it is first necessary to understand, what is a domain name? This is the name of your website, which acts in a similar way as a home address. Choosing a proper domain name is crucial for the success of your brand. All modern businesses require an online presence to survive and your face on the Internet is your website. Read along to learn about how to register a domain name and how to pick the best option.

How to Get a Domain Name for your Site

Creating a new domain name is a process that can be handled by professional services online. For example, you can come up with a name and pick your domain here. If you want to learn how to create a domain name that will suit your company best, take a look at this list of things you should avoid while picking a domain name.

Things to Avoid When Naming your Site

Now that you know what is a domain name, you can focus on choosing the name itself. Try to avoid these seven common mistakes:

1. Picking a wrong extension – all websites have a certain extension added to their name, such as .com, .org, etc. Some extensions like these two are used in website names internationally, while others are added to the local websites. For example, the extension .uk is only used by the sites located in the United Kingdom. If you want to have global reach online, try to choose an international domain extension;

2. Using incorrect spelling – if you want to learn how to choose a domain name for a blog, make sure to revise your spelling. Use the correct forms of words for your domain so the clients can spell it easily;

3. Picking a familiar domain – it is your job to do market research and find out about the competitors. Choosing a domain name similar to an already existing site might result in losing your client base to that business;

4. Forgetting about your brand – it is extremely important to have a fitting domain that will correspond with your company name. Choose wisely so you will not have to try hard to make both names work;

5. Picking a long name – long and intricate domains composed of multiple words are difficult to memorize. Your domain should click immediately when customers think about your business;

6. Overpaying for a domain – nowadays it is easy to get an affordable and secure domain without paying too much for it. Better use extra funds to work on your business;

7. Doing poor research – there are numerous trademarks online and it is possible to use a domain similar to them. Avoid associating with already existing trademarks to avoid legal issues.

Now that you have learned about the common mistakes of choosing a domain, you should know what is a high-quality domain name that will be beneficial for your website and your business overall. A domain is an important part of every website alongside the design and its contents.