How Do I Hire a Graphic Designer?


If you are a business owner or entrepreneur in need of some assistance for your next creative project, hiring a graphic designer is worth it. But where do you start looking? A typical online search can consist of looking for a graphic design company in your area. Alternatively, a freelance graphic designer can also be an option, but it all depends on the needs and scope of your project. When hiring a company or creative person, it’s essential to make sure you make the best-informed decision for your brand. Since most of a graphic designer’s work will be facing the customer, your hire will have a fundamental impact on how your customers see your brand.

As a first step, it is recommended to do plenty of research on what kind of company or person you would like to hire, and your project goals will mostly determine this. Avoid hiring the wrong person or company by setting requirements and standards. Once you have found an ideal candidate for the graphic designer role, ask for their portfolio and take a glance at their most recent work, in addition to what kind of tools they use.

Working with a Graphic Design Company

For marketing projects that need a lot of creativity and time to complete, hiring a graphic design company is ideal for several reasons. With a company supporting your project, you will have a team of creatives actively working to bring your project to fruition. Best of all, graphic design companies usually have several years of experience working with different clients in various industries, so you can be confident they will have a portfolio of examples ready to show you. When they do, take a look at the work that most appeals to you. Does their style match your brand and company mission? Or, if you are looking for a more customizable approach to your project, consult with them and let them know your project objectives.

Hiring a Professional Freelancer

Not all creative projects are the same, and some can be accomplished with the assistance of a professional freelancer. Many graphic designers post their work online on their personal websites or social platforms such as Behance or Dribble, just to name a few. However, not all freelance graphic designers have the same skills; some may just be limited to creating business cards or brochures, while others offer a whole package deal. To make your search easier, draft a creative brief, and in the brief, specify what you want to get done and your project requirements. You can then post the brief on websites that offer freelance work to freelancers such as Upwork or Fiverr. Once you have suitable candidates, ask for their portfolios and compare them to see which most aligns with your creative goals.

Small Scale vs. Large Scale Projects

Graphic design projects vary in scale; some can be as comprehensive as marketing materials for a whole lineup of products, or a multiple-page website, logos, graphics, icons, etc. Others can be as simple as an introductory brochure or small pamphlet. Depending on the scope of your project, hiring a graphic design company is recommended for large-scale projects, and for more simple tasks, a professional freelancer will do. But before making a final decision, make sure your budget aligns with the going rates for the work you want to get done. This way, you will know if you are being overcharged, and it will give you leverage to possibly negotiate a fair deal on your project. Also, be sure to ask what the payment terms are. Does the designer require a lump sum upfront? Or are partial ongoing payments an option? Make sure to consult with your hire before dishing out any money to avoid issues and misunderstandings.