Easy Steps to Convert Photoshop Designs Into a Website


Here’s a simple guide to solving the troublesome task of turning Photoshop designs into a website. Or, in more technical terms, convert PSD files into responsive HTML.

Modern business cannot operate without the Internet today. Therefore, it is very important to have a high-quality presence in it, for example, in the form of websites that reflect all the important features of your business.

The website development industry is constantly changing. Today the market is dominated by HTML5 and flexible design. To grow your brand with a unique interface of your website, you need to optimize the PSD’s approach to HTML conversion.

There are a lot of companies on the market offering their services to do this kind of work. If you have any difficulties or need the assistance of professionals, you can contact the website developer who can help you convert Photoshop designs into a website – https://www.reliablepsd.com/

If you want to independently figure out the issue of converting PSD to HTML and do it yourself,, let’s walk through the basic settle.

What is it?

PSD is a file for storing graphic information by Photoshop, while HTML is a Hypertext Markup Language. A web designer creates a web page layout in Photoshop converting it from PSD format to a markup language. Custom websites are mainly created by this process.

This procedure also includes converting PSD files to HTML tags. As a result, static design fragments turn into dynamic web pages which look professional and user-oriented. This method has obvious advantages: pure semantic coding, the perfect transformation of pixels, W3C validation, compatibility with different browsers, etc.


Today you can convert PSD to HTML online:

– You should have PSD designs created in Photoshop
– You are well versed in JQuery, JavaScript, etc. for tablets, mobile devices, etc.
– Now create a folder for storing the JS or image directory
– For HTML layout, concentrate on each element: media, slider, service, etc. to place the HTML

Below are instructions to guide you in detail on how to convert Photoshop designs into a website or PSD to HTML. After reading them you will understand this operation and complete it successfully.

PSD Design

Make a sketch of your design paying attention to each element positioned correctly: navigation, sidebar, footer, etc. Then you create the project in Photoshop by selecting the appropriate element not using Photoshop’s slicing.


A good color scheme is very important for web development and makes your website attractive. Therefore, experiment with color attributes until you finally decide.


HTML5 has a lot of cool features to enable a website developer to encode pages with superior functionality. Is very different from HTML. Its properties make it easier to define types and sections of documents. This new technology does not allow third-party apps or plugins to be used. HTML5 is recognized by the W3C as a standard technology around the world.

Many web developers are unaware of the new functionality in the latest release. Find this information and follow all the innovations – save your time and achieve the expected results!

Besides HTML5, it’s worth learning about CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheet), which makes it easy to customize your site’s content structure. Thanks to CSS3, you can significantly reduce the number of lines of code, which means you can increase the performance of your brainchild.

Media Query

For a site to be responsive, its users must actively use Media Queries. In CSS3, they are great at helping you create a unique and responsive web product for different devices. Therefore, there is absolutely no need to make any more copies or create completely different websites.


Finally, check if each page on your site scales to fit the screen size of the given display. The Internet is full of various tools for checking responsiveness and other important parameters of websites.

Final word

Converting PSD to HTML is a great attitude for building any type of website. This is not a trifle even for experienced masters. For using this method, you need to know all the functionality of HTML5, CSS3, PSD as well as all the required toolkit of the website.