Four Tips to Guide Your Visually Appealing Web Design


While a website’s appearance is considered important in the business world, it’s often regarded as subordinate to the site’s bare-bones structure. With the taels pages and check out the key to generating profits online, business leaders all too often focus their energies on removing the friction from the purchasing journey, without considering the design aesthetics that might be deriving consumers away before they ever fill a basket or click through to checkout. In this short guide, we share four essential tips to guide your aesthetic web development.

Brand and Visual Conformity

Your brand is the beating heart of your business. Likely one of your entire enterprise’s first design features, you designed your brand to embody much of what your business stands for. Then, it’s from this brand that your business’ website should draw much of its inspiration.

From the colors that you use to the shapes and symbols that you employ across your website, be sure to keep conformity in mind when you’re adding visual features to your online platform. If your site’s visual side revolves around your brand, you’ll maintain comforting visual conformity that web users interpret as professional and modern. If you are still not sure about getting this done by yourself alone you can consult a pro like Sunshine Coast Web Designer.

Animated Features

At the intersection of advanced design and technical back-end code are the animated features that are becoming a mainstay of websites worldwide. When you visit a well-made website and scroll down their homepage, you’ll notice that pictures fade in or text enters from the left or the right, which is both engaging and impressive.

An increasing number of websites have cottoned on to the fact that consumers interpret these micro-animations as a sign of a professional and trustworthy company. And they’re not difficult for a web design agency to input into your pages, either – just give them the instruction, and it’ll take them an afternoon to add smart animations across your webpages.

Professional Photos

If you’re selling products on your website, the importance of professional, high-quality photographs simply cannot be overstated. That’s because a less-than-stellar photograph suggests a less-than-stellar product.

Use a studio and a professional photographer to help each of your products pop when presented online. This is how you’ll generate increased sales from your product pages in the coming months.

Multimedia Features

Text and photographs are no longer enough in helping you impress upon your customers the trustworthiness and professionalism of your brand. Multimedia content – like an introductory video, hyperlinked text, or gifs embedded on your website – will show that your firm and your website are up-to-date with current online trends.

Meanwhile, including your Twitter or Facebook feeds as a sidebar on your website adds a further layer to your multimedia offerings. In the last couple of days, or even hours, the dates on your posts will help show that business continues as usual at your company, giving consumers the confidence to trade with you in these unpredictable times.

There you have it: four foundational visual adjustments to make to your website, generating better impressions from web users across the internet.